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Samiam asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

republicans voting hillary?

by district breakdown, the districts in big cities like houston, dallas, and of course, austin all voted for obama heavily(60-40, maybe higher). hillary won the rural vote 70-30. the cities(especially austin) are a lot more liberal than the rural areas. i know many republicans that voted for hillary just because of the whole mccain can beat hillary idea.

my questions are:

1) did hillary win texas because of the republican voters?

2) what percent(educated guess) of hillary voters actually voted for her because they think she is a better democratic candidate, and not because she has a better chance of losing to mccain?

Update 2:

yes he did, but that was probably out of hate of mccain. a lot of republicans do not like mccain, and would rather see him loss or obama win. even uber conservative coulter said she would vote for hillary over mccain, because he is too flip-floppy and moderate. she thinks hillary is more conservative than mccain!

Update 3:

yeah rush limbough definitely had a campaign telling republicans to vote hillary. i am not complaining too much since obama is getting the caucus votes anyways since the big cities all voted for him

Update 4:

i gave you a solid source, i am not lying.

Update 5:

thank you very much, being a gov major really helps me get a great look at all angles.

i really don't care who wins though. they have the same political basis. its all a question of who can put it in play.

Update 6:

tom t i like the reasons why you voted democratic for the race. thank you for explaining yourself.

Update 7:

yeah the hispanic vote in the south flew up. that was a given. everyone knew she would get those. the north and west areas that are less populated by hispanics also voted very heavy for hillary.

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    Actually, to be honest, I haven't looked at the numbers yet... but I assumed Hillary won Texas because of the Hispanic vote. She's always been a major leader in the Latino population and there is a sizeable Hispanic population in Texas. Looking at the numbers, you can see she won every single Latino voting block, including 79% of the older generation. The Latino vote itself encompassed 32% of the voting population and much of the Latino population is not centered in populous cities like Dallas or Houston.

    So... to answer....

    1. I don't necessarily think so. Many in the Democratic party don't want to admit this, but most of the state contests have been divided neatly down racial lines, with a vast majority of whites for Clinton and blacks for Obama. In fact I might even attribute Obama winning the White 30 - 44 vote as Republicans voting for him instead of Hillary.

    2. Do you mean of Republicans who voted for Hillary? To be honest, I'd be shocked if very many Republicans voted for her at all. Many conservatives still hold much anger towards Hillary and it hasn't necessarily lessened through the years. If, however, Republicans did vote for Hillary... I'd have to say it's because many of the national polls show McCain leading in a head-to-head contest with Clinton.

  • kmca63
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    1 decade ago

    We (Republicans) hate them both. It's an attempt to get them to damage each other during the campaign. The objective was chaos. Then, since Hillary has so much history, the GOP can destroy her more easily in November.

    But we can just as well destroy Obama. Their were also GOP voting for Obama because they think he will be the easier target in Nov.

    I would guess less than 10% total GOP vote went to Dem's with about 2-3% being honest support.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    According to the exit polls:

    1) She did not win Texas because of the republican voters since she actually got less republican votes than Obama did. He won the republican vote 53-46

    2) Registered democrats voted for her with the same margin: 53-46

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I can't say that she won in Texas because of the republican vote, but I do know for a fact that many republicans voted for her - including my wife and me. Our purpose was not to give McCain and more defeatable foe, but to assure that the likes of Obama does not have the opportunity to run our government. While in November our vote will be a republican vote, it will be far more against Hillary or Obama than for John McCain.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's tough to say. I know that Rush Limbaugh had a campaign to get Republicans to vote Democratic and vote for Clinton, just to prolong the whole process.

  • 3 years ago

    My mum is a Republican and is thinking on balloting for Clinton, just to work out what could ensue if there became right into a woman interior the White domicile. i'm making plans on no longer balloting. i do no longer desire to vote for somebody i'm going to finally end up regretting.

  • Anonymous
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    If you look at the break down in the exit polls barack got more republicans than hillary.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    MSNBC poll shows that 9% of the votes for Democratic nominee were cast by Republicans

    The split was 50/50


    Most of the Republicans that voted in the Democratic Primary will vote for a democrat in the General as well.

    The stepford wives of the GOP have REALIZED that

    They should be the ones deciding about their bodies

    Sadamm didn't do 9-11 !!!

    After all the mouthing about smaller government the Republicans have grown the government !!!

    We are in debt 9 TRILLION DOLLARS !!!



  • Anonymous
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    I think I will. But only in the primary. In the general election if I don't vote for McCain, I'll vote for Nader again.

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    Read the News and stop spinning false facts.

    The Republicans in TX voted for Obama.

    Obama and His Grand Illusions... People are waking up. Thank God because we need someone we can trust to deliver the changes we all want and deserve.

    Now he says he's putting on his "Boxing Gloves" what a joke. He's been a wolf in sheep's clothing all along. Hillary was protecting him at first because he is another Democrat.

    Go Hillary!

    Hillary will be on of the great Presidents who will make the world a better place for all people regardless of race or socioeconomic background.

    Hillary '08

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