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What can I get my boyfriend for his birthday for under $20.00?

My husband is not fond of the fact that he has to watch the kids that night so he has stated on several occasions that he will not give me more than that to spend!

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    A threesome with me.

    I will steal the lube from Wal-mart. I will borrow my Mom's sex toys (I will wash em). You need 15.99 so we can get a sack full from Krystal's later that night. The rest you can spend on gas. How far do you live from Jacksonville, Florida?

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    What are his interest? For 20 bucks you can do a lot. I would first make him a homemade card from you. Which is showing you took the time to think about him. I would get his favorite candy, ice cream, make a birthday cake and sing happy birthday to him. Get the kids involved and have them make a birthday card for him as well.

    So that might leave you with ten dollars. I would take the other 10 dollars and buy him his favorite comic book? Or something small that interest him? I don't know but what ever it is he will love it.

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    A box of fine wine and a pack of smokes!

    You should have some money left over so you can get the kids some cookies, candy and soda before you leave. Oh and you don't want forget to give your husband.... Maybe get him some ice cream so he doesn't feel left out:)

    Have fun!

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    Check out Aruba its very cheap right now. Also try cruises packages bought at the last minute are cheap too. Try western or atlantic destinations on priceright. And see a travel agent as well.

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    My first question is , why is he giving you money to buy this birthday present with? My second question is, who is he to tell you how much money you can spend on whatever? He isnt the boss of you, unless you let him. boss of applesauce

    As for gifts, there are alot of nice things for under 20, dvd, books, gift certificates, t shirts, but what I would probably buy him is a clue.

    Why is he babysitting that night anyway?

    your question is vague and leaves alot open for interpretation

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    Your Husband's Golf Clubs or his Fishing Poles.

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    Some Jose Cuervo and a bag of chips

    laughing at that's going all out for your

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    I'd say take him to someplace know, someplace like KFC...may I suggest getting him one of their bowls...(I highly recommend the chicken and biscuit), a large soda...and of course the chocolate chip cake!....

    and whatever change he has left over,he'll tip you for a nice reach around....

    sooooooo......I guess it's safe to say this isn't a surprise


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    A fake rolex watch

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    What? you are buying your BOYFRIEND a gift and you have a HUSBAND? Give him a one way bus ticket!!!! Drop the affair before someone gets hurt! p.s. i like your hat. good taste

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