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Meet the parents?

Any suggestions for having my BF meet my parents this weekend while they're in town without making it formal. Need ideas for how to do it so that there's no pressure and the focus isn't on him. Something without pressure. Know what I mean? Thanks!

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    I don't think there's such a thing. Regardless of the situation, the "meeting" part is formal... you're introducing this guy that you like a lot (and you're having sex with) to your parents for their review (and, whether you or they admit it, they're approval, whether explicit or tacit... if you truly didn't care what they thought you'd not introduce them!).

    So, rather than thinking about lack of "pressure," or lack of "formalities," think about comfort.

    Things always work easier when people are in environments that they're comfortable in. Thus, if your bf is a jeans-and-t kinda guy, and you go to a 4-star steakhouse, it's probably not going to work. Likewise, if your parents are teetotalers and you meet in a bar with an "all-you-can-drink for $10" special, they're not going to be comfortable.

    Think of an activity that you can all agree on. If everyone's active, then something like a bike ride or skiing (for my climate) is good. If not, then think of a passive activity, like watching a movie or everyone's favorite TV show. For most people, liquor is a good lubricant for the nerves. Maybe it's just coming over and playing a board game (so long as everyone's not too competitive, or rather so long as ONE person is not too competitive).

    If you're worried about focus, I'd say be sure to include some passive activity where everyone doesn't have to talk the whole time... movie, sporting event, card game.

    Good luck!

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