How do I find out what my car extended warranty company is?

My heater core is leaking and I need it fixed but the rate is $1200!!!! I remember I purchased the extended warranty so I want to put that to good use. The bad thing is I dont' remember where I put it. The dealership said all they need is a fone number. So where or how can I find what that fone number is if I know my VIN number? Vehicle is a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante VRX.


Unfortunately they closed down.

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    If the original contract seller is closed and you lost the paperwork you might just be out of luck. Hard to search for extended warranties as most of the links you get will be for the sellers and not the providers. You might call around to the other local dealers and see who they use and try to get numbers and call around. The company will be able to look it up by the last 6 digits of your VIN.

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    The absolutely free reverse vin check sites generally provide fake information. To get real information, money will have to be paid. The free searches provide fake information so they can get your email address to send spam.

    Stay away from shady reverse vin check sites, most likely you won't get any information after you make the payment. Not to mention you won't get a report and you won't get an answer if you try to call for a refund. Stick with a reputable reverse vin check site like that has been around since 1995.

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    you need to get to the original dealer their Finance office will have that on record. ( the person that made you sign all of the paperwork!)

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    There are none. prolonged guarantee's are a rip off. the only one i could evaluate ( i think of they are all rip offs) is one from the producer, including from GM or Ford or Chrysler

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