MAJOR HELP NEEDED about ecuador?

is education free in ecuador? and Who must attend and for how long? is military service required? and can anyone attend college? please answer thease questions! im stuck! ASAP

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    Well, I live in Ecuador, maybe I can help you.

    There's free education in Ecuador also private education, most children go to public schools and normally they don't pay, but the parents go and help with the cleaning or make fund raises to have extra money to make the school better and pay for extra teachers that can attend the huge amount of students.

    Its obligatory to children up to 16 years of age to go to school, every one, without disctintion of race, sex, ethnicity, sexual preference or dissability. I don't know when do they start, maybe around 5 or 6 years of age. Not sure.

    Military service was obligatory but there were many ways of not being selected if you didn't want to go.

    Now it's not an obligation, but we have to wait until the new constitution its promulgated to see what it says.

    But it's not going to be an obligation.

    Everyone can go to college, universities, etc.

    There are public universities too, they pay about 300 dollars for the career.

    For example: Universidad central del Ecuador, Universidad de Guayaquil, Universidad de Cuenca, etc.

    There are many private universities too, but way more expensive.

    ex: UEES, Universidad Católica, UTPL, etc.

    See ya!


    Source(s): Live in Ecuador
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