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How much does a cruise cost on average?

I'm wondering how much a cruise usually costs, approx? and what's included in the cost you mention? for what length of time?


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    I have been on about 20 cruises on 4 different cruise lines and so here's what I suggest to figure an approximate price.

    First there are a number of variables and other things you need to know that affect the price of a cruise including, the number of days you cruise, what type cabin you select, whether you book your cruise very early (many months in advance) or late (last minute), and whether you go on a luxury cruise or a moderately prices cruise line.

    You need to know that all of the cruise lines give the best price for early bookings that are a year or more in advance. But, you can sometimes find a discount or deal price by searching the cruise lines web sites for their specials.

    Second you need to know that all cruise cabins are sold based on double occupancy and the prices listed will be per person and based on at least two people going on the cruise. You can go solo but you will have to pay a single supplement which is basically a double fare.

    You also need to know that the price of your cruise will depend upon the type accommodations that you choose and there are 4 basic types of cabins on ships; INSIDE (no window), OUTSIDE (a window or porthole), BALCONY/VERANDA, and SUITES. The "FROM" prices you see will always be for an inside cabin.

    As for a dollar figure, I have listed below the web sites for the medium priced cruise lines which operate from US ports. There are some luxury lines that are much higher priced with prices starting around $4,000 for a 7 day cruise. The lines that I have listed below will have cruises starting in the range of $800 to $1,000 per person for a 7 day cruise, again depending upon the date and type cabin you select. They will have shorter 4 and 5 days cruises in the $500 to $800 price range, again depending upon when you book and how many days.




    http://www.celebritycruises.com/home .









    What I recommend is that you go to the cruise lines and click on the link for specials and browse what is available. I have been on Princess, Celebrity, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean ships and can vouch that they are good cruise lines. There are some differences. Princess, Celebrity and Holland America have great ships have more reserved passengers. Holland America has more senior citizens cruising on its ships. Carnival has more first time cruiser and young people who want to party, party, party. Royal Caribbean caters most to families and has the most and best on ship activities. Royal Caribbean's web site is the easiest to find specials on; the link to its "hot deals" is in red. RC is my favorite !!!

    When you purchase a cruise it includes your cabin, all means on ship including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and 24/7 free room service. It also includes all entertainment on ship and free use of all facilities on ship except the spa. You can use the pools hot tubs, gymnasium, sports equipment and all other facilities and equipment free of charge. All ships charge for spa service like massages, hair and nail appointments, and yoga lessons. Some ships also charge a fee for certain services like the pool table, the bowling alley, or for special restaurants not included in your normal cruise price (there may be a $10 to $20 per person gratuity/service fee). Coffee, tea, milk, juices, punch, iced teas are included but you must pay for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages and a 15% gratuity will be added to each check each time you order a drink. Then you will have to pay for anything you buy on ship like photos or souvenirs and any tours you book from the ship. And lastly you will pay a $10 per day per per gratuity at the end of the cruise. The only mandatory of all of these charges is the gratuity. So after you pay for your cruise the only other charge will be the gratuities which on a 7 day cruise will be $70 per person.

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    As most have already stated alot depends on what cabin, lenght of cruise etc. What you must also consider is if you need to fly to the port which is not included. The different sites for the cruise lines are good I would try going to AAA or a travel agent and getting several brochures so you can compare not only the difference in prices but, what each line offers. Also on a cruise ship the high the deck the more the cost per room. This is explained in the brochures.

    It may sound like alot of work but, once you decide where & how long of a cruise you want then the rest will just fall into place.

    Good Luck.

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    There is no way to answer this logically. A cruise can be a couple of hundred to many thousands. Depends on what kind of room you want, where it is going and for how many days. Go look up a cruise line is www.carnival.com and see for yourself. Everything is included except for excursion trips, liquor, spa services and photos. All meals, drinks (sometimes they charge for soft drinks) etc. are included.So is room service and entertainment. Cruises are great fun and relaxing.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How much does a cruise cost on average?

    I'm wondering how much a cruise usually costs, approx? and what's included in the cost you mention? for what length of time?


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    My budget is about $100 dollars a day per person. Now for that I can not get a balcony or suite, but the type of cabin is not my biggest concern when picking a cruise. I have to add to that airfare, hotel stay the night before, tips and spending money. I also search out specials, research any discounts and book as far as I can ahead of time.

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    It depends on what Cruise line you take and for how long you are going. It also depends on where you chose to stay on the ship. Plus it is extra for land and shore excursions. Any excursions you want to book ahead of time though because they go fast.

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    a Cruise can be a wide variety of prices depending how many people go and the type of room you want, to what Cruise line u book with.

    check out these websites and view the competitive prices.




    I recommend the first one they have low rates.

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    about 4 thousand

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