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Cleaning a mouse?

What is a good way to clean my mouse and keyboard?

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    Cleaning the mouse depends on what type you have. If you have an optical / laser mouse, dab a Q-tip in some rubbing alcohol and gently wipe it out. If you have a ball mouse, rotate the small plastic piece on the bottom until it ant the ball falls out. You will see two plastic rollers. There is often dirt / hair caked on the middle of the; pull them out with tweezers and break the crud off as much as possible and shake it out.

    Cleaning the keyboard can be troublesome. I like to gently pry up the keys with a butter knife and pop them off. Be careful with the large keys such as the Enter and Space keys. They will have a metal wire that clips them onto the board to balance them better. After you remove the keys, wipe out all of the crevices with a Q-tip. You may want to have another keyboard for reference when you put the keys back.

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    Depends what kind of mouse you have.

    For keyboard, get a can of compressed air. Disconnect the keyboard, hold it vertically, and squirt short bursts of air to clean out gunk. Wipe with a damp cloth, or one made specifically for the task.

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    A very distasteful subject!!!

    Mouse-cleaning is a task that, though a serious problem affecting, (some say) probably 85% of Amreica...still has not reached the attention of say ...COLON CLEANSING !!! WHY???, you ask!!!


    Well, the creepy and secret reason for the lack of serious corporate support for a problem affecting most of Americans ----and Europeans for that matter---IS that the solution involve LOW-COST EVERYDAY ITEMS that nobody can make a dime on!!!!

    Q-tips and Vinegar THATS IT!!! Nothing OUTRAGEOUS! Can't make money on that!

    The only problem is--- how to find experienced mouse cleaning personnel?...Home business for housewives used to doing gross stuff because they have kids?!?


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    canned air for your keyboard...available at walmart or best buy ask them they will know what you are talking about as for the mose I just pop out the ball and brush the insides with an old toothbrush.

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