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Morticians and Embalmers: Have you ever had a body to prepare that was so disfigured it disturbed you?

I'm sure that going into the business, you are professional and can handle body preparation in general....maybe even enjoy it. But has there ever been a time when a body or situation has caught you off guard and you barely were able to do what you needed to do, or maybe you even had to turn the task over to another associate because you couldn't handle it?

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    Yes, this past summer I had a 4 year-old boy, who was the same age and born the same month as my son. I cried so long and hard that it took me 4 hours to embalm him (genererally takes 1.5 hours). I was so overtaken with grief and sympathy for his parents.

    As for disfigurement, that list is long, none that ever bothered me as much as children. Once you seen one thing really gory, you don't get overly excited about it after that.

    Source(s): Funeral Director / Embalmer
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