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我需要一些 原創的 rap 歌詞

如果哪位夠厲害 英文夠強

又有饒舌歌詞想要秀給大家的 請麻煩給我好嗎??


不管長或短 就算只有一兩句 也是非常感激的唷

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    Stand back cause it’s victory time You’d be searching for the boy but the boys are mine Wipe the sweat off your face, try to make it so hate You’re going crazy in this space You know it’s all about fate Why you keep talking smack when you’re losing the say If you wanna know my name you better study your facts You better get this right in your freaking life You’re gonna spoil here at the party cause we be poppin’tonight c'mon


    You're so fun I want you mine you're so delicious

    你是那麼的風趣 我希望你是我的 你如此的誘人

    I think about you all the time you're so addictive

    我無時無刻都想著你 你讓我上了癮

    Don't you know what I can do to make you feel alright


    Don't pretend I think you know I'm damn precious

    不要假裝 你知道我是多麼珍貴

    And hell yeah I'm the mother*****in' princess


    I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right

    我確定你喜歡我 你也知道我是對的

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    Ican see the way I see the way you look at me

    我看得見 看得見你偷喵我的眼神

    And even when you look away I know you think of me

    就算你假裝不在意 我也知道你滿腦子想的也是我

    2008-03-08 20:17:17 補充:

    I know you talk about me all the time again and again


    So come over here and tell me what I wanna hear

    所以趕快過來 跟我說一些我想聽的話

    Better yet make your girlfriend disappear


    I don't want to hear you say her name ever again


    2008-03-08 20:25:37 補充:

    3.碧昂絲-crazy in love

    Check it, let's go

    Young Hov y'all know when the flow is loco,

    Young B and the R-O-C, uh oh, (oh)

    Ol' G, big homie, the one and only,

    2008-03-08 20:26:00 補充:

    Stick bony, but the pocket is fat like Tony, Soprano, (oh no)

    The ROC handle like Van Axel,

    I shake phoneys man, You can't get next to,

    The genuine article I go I do not sing though,

    2008-03-08 20:26:19 補充:

    I sling though, If anything I bling yo,

    a star like Ringo, roll like the Green Berets

    Crazy?... bring ya whole set,

    Jay Z in the range, crazy and deranged,

    They can't figure them out they like "hey is he insane", (oh no)

    2008-03-08 20:26:27 補充:

    Yes sir I'm cut from a different cloth,

    My texture is the best fur, of chinchilla.

    Been dealing with chain smokers,

    How you think I got the name Hova?

    I been realer the game's over,

    Fall back young, ever since I made the change over

    to platinum the game's been a wrap, One!

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