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Which 3 teams are the most surprising this season considering the rosters they had before the season started?

I'd go with 1. Hornets 2. The Lakers 3. Magic because no one expected these teams to have the record they have now before the season started. I didn't mention Boston because when you have Pierce, R. Allen, and KG your highly likely to have a great season.

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    What up Metallic:

    1) Lakers: Everyone thought that Kobe was not going to be on the team. Every week a new rumor circulated about Lamar Odom or Andrew Bynum being traded, and you had Jermaine O'Neal, KG, Jason Kidd coming over to the Lakers and they ended up with Gasol who no one ever thought of. When the Lakers were 9-8 every analyst out there was saying that the Lakers would be a .500 41-41 team (and they've already superseded that total at this point in the season).

    2) N.O. Hornets: Up until recently they held the #1 spot in the West- who would've thought??? Chris Paul has been amazing and Byron Scott definitely deserves coach of the year.

    3) Portland Trailblazers: Although the Blazers have fallen a little out of the playoff picture- they were very much a part of the Western Conference race for a long time. Especially starting the season with Oden out - i think most people assumed they would be a sub .500 team. Now it's scary that they can barely miss the playoffs and maybe end up in the lottery again.

    I think the Magic were expected to be one of the top teams in the East and so not as surprised with them. And they are a top 4 team in the East.


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    NIckster has the list i was think of i have no long explinations for the hornets or trailblazer only simply that with mostly unrecognized players they proved how good of teams they could be. The Lakers on the other hand was probably the most underrated team in the league they looked like such a great team even championship contenders but were always considered nothing more than a laughing stock. But now that we have pau and with andrew and ariza coming back soon. The Lakers will finaly silence every one of those critics and prove they are the team to beat.

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    1. Hornets - Can't see that they can be this good.

    2. Lakers - They did good before and after the trade.

    3. Spurs - Everyone thing their time is over, they are too old. But with Kurt and Stoudamire in the roster, they are high in standing and still the team to beat.

    4. Magic - with Lewis join them did not make them this good, but with a matured Howard. Did not see this comming.

    5. Blazers - with the young-guns they can do some damage if they are in the East just like last year "baby bull". They impressed everyone.

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    I believe it should be Orlando, New Orleans and Portland.

    Orlando because nobody expected them to jump as high as number three so quickly in the east.

    New Orleans, nobody gave them the chance. Chris Paul should be thanked a lot by Byron Scott for fueling this entire line-up.

    Portland. After the monster news that struck them (Oden injury) they are still at it. Imagine your the dubbed savior was the first one to fall down and this is a very young team, If they are now showing signs of improvement expect big from these guys in the coming years.

    Hope this helps.

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    How is the Lakers underrated really? They are practically the same team from last year minus Parker and with Fisher at the start of the year. And they went great from last year's dismal performance... What's the change really? I think it's Kobe's game approach... From last year's "Give me the ball and get out of my way" type of player, Kobe have matured his game and is more at ease with team plays plus he's been listening more to Phil Jackson. Andrew Bynum is another revelation, and he kind of put Kobe's feet to the ground once more. Now Kobe can't say "Ship his a-s-s out" because of the way 'Drew plays. Another thing that Lakers fans should be thankful for is Kobe's team USA experience that kind of thought him a lot of trusting his teammates more, working hard together to achieve a common goal.

    So no, I was never underestimating the Lakers, I know they are a good team considering Bryant, he only needs a change of heart....

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    1. Hornets- same roster with a few exceptions. GM is doing great job. Lots of harmony on the floor.

    2. Magic- Dwight Howard developed unbelieveably during the off season, Rashard Lewis fits perfectly and was a highly underrated signing. Great pickup by Orlando.

    3. Raptors- Are you kidding me? Bryan Colangelo is great at picking foreign and young talent as well as free aagents: e.g. Calderon, Anthony Parker, Delfino, Ford, etc.

    great teams start with great GMs!

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    I would agree with your #s 1 and 2. For #3, I'd go with Portland, even though they have faded. Remember, expectations were lowered for the Blazers once Greg Oden was ruled out for the season. This has been an extrodinary year in the Western Conference. In a normal year, a team with a .508 winning pct. would still be in the playoff hunt.

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    Lakers, Hornets and Jazz

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  • Vibe
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    1. N,O - i didnt except they woud be top 4 teams in the west .Just unexpected ,most surprising ...

    2. lakers no one .. i mean noo one not even me ( i am a lakers fan) thought they would where they are right now . no body was even sure if kobe would stay in lakers . no thought pau would became a lakers ... just no one . thouht thing would be like this 8 month ago !

    3.magic - i didnt really thought they would be this good !

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    1. Raptors

    2. Milwaukee

    3. Atlanta

    Toronto: I didn't know Jose Calderon would have such a great impact...

    Milwaukee: Whatever happened?!

    Atlanta: Same as above...

    I didn't pick New Orleans 'cause I knew that they would be strong as long as they're healthy. Orlando, 'cause they've got Lewis. Surprising is Turkoglu. Lakers?! I knew Bynum would be more effective.

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