Dislike Hillary Clinton?

1. Whitewater - BIG SCANDAL in which she committed purjery to cover her losses in a failed land investment deal. She purjured herself in regards to the Rose Law Firm investigation of Whitewater (she also claimed she had no idea where all of their billing records went when they were later found in her personal closet in the White House).

2. She stole 14,000 dollars worth of silverwhare from the White House.

3. She lied about her role in the firing and takeover of the White House travel office and destroyed the reputation of Billy Dale in the process with her goons.

4. As soon as Clinton took office, Hillary was the brains behind the firing of ALL United States District Attorneys in the country and installed hand picked people. They took over the judiciary branch of government right in the beginning of their administration, and later on when Bill had all his scandals come to light, all his judicials were there to protect him.


4. She lied about her knowledge of Bill's numerous affairs and dismissed all of them as a vast "right wing conspiracy." (When in fact Hillary was having many affairs herself, including one with Vince Foster)

5. She led the teams digging up dirt on all the "bimbo eruptions" and completely smeared all of their reputations. These were women who claimed that Bill either sexually harrassed, molested, or raped them. There were at least nine of them. (And the term "bimbo eruption" was a term made up by Hillary Clinton herself)

6. Back to Vince Foster - and his "suicide". ALL the evidence seems to show that it was a murder. And before the FBI had a chance to enter Foster's office to investigate, Hillary and her cronies got into it first and cleaned out the entire office. There is just way too many questions raised in this case. But the biggest one being: WHAT WERE THEY HIDING??

Update 2:

7. There were also too many questions surrounding the death of Ron Brown, the secretary of Commerce. What happened to Ron Brown? Nobody knows. Evidence suggests he was murdered as well.

8. During the Clinton presidency, there were 54 cases of individuals who were reported as missing or having committed suicide because of the Clintons. Do you think it's possible that all 54 of these people committed "suicide?" Neither do I. They couldn't have all been suicides. Some, if not many, of them, must have been MURDERS.

Update 3:


1. She is a socialist and a borderline Communist but trying to position herself in the center.

2. She wrote a book "It Takes A Village" - Her idea of a socialized society in which it takes an entire village or community to raise good children.

3. She tried to force through a socialized medical system, derisively called "Hillary Care". Bill ran on a platform of revamping the health care program in America, and appointed Hillary, a relative, to head the commission - THIS IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL- RELATIVES CANNOT BE IN THAT POSITION. But anyway, Hillary held all her meetings about her health care program in absolute secrecy - THIS IS ALSO HIGHLY ILLEGAL.

Update 4:

4. When Bill was governer of Arkansas, the state was ranked 46th in education. Bill gave Hillary the specific job of overseeing all education in the state. How did she do? By the time Bill left Arkansas, the state was ranked DEAD LAST in education.

5. She believes in heavy redistribution of income through the tax system.

6. She ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT believe in protecting our borders.

7. She claims she is a feminist. Would a feminist sit there and take all that excessive emotional abuse from her husband? Or would a feminist stand up and fight for her rights as a woman?

Also, go on YOUTUBE and search The Clinton Chronicles.

Update 5:

Maybe we'll actually have a real discussion on here...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I don't think that you are going to get any "real" discussion here. What you will have and already do have , is one side that is Pro-*****, I mean Hillary and one side is Against her (Take a guess which side I am on) , and the pro -B- I mean Hillary fans will say and do whatever it takes to discredit the facts that you just presented. I am not going to get into how much I ummmm well there isn't a actual word for how I feel about her. I guess in order to hate someone you need to care about the person since hate is an emotion. And since I don't care if she and her husband live or die. Then I guess I cannot hate her, per say .

    You mentioned quite a bit of what I have read about and there is more than that as well. I am sure that you already know this. But I can say that "if" she does win. (I hope not), but if she does win. Then I am going to get out of the military as quick as possible after that.

    I would never Salute her, "ever". That would be the same as Jane Fonda becoming President and Commander in Chief.

    Source(s): It's not a source but I am Active Duty Naval Police over 6 years of service.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It really is amazing that, with all the power of the federal government behind them, the Hillary Clinton haters could not get enough real evidence for a single indictment, let alone a conviction.

    I mean, a majority in both Houses of Congress, the White House and a completely politicized judiciary failed to gather enough evidence to justify a single accusation! Either they are incompetent beyond belief, or maybe she just didn't do all these things.

    You Hillary haters are actually amusing at this point. Last year she sang the National Anthem and you complained that her voice was bad. If she had not sung you would have claimed she hated America. There is nothing she can do that the instant vilification squad cannot twist or misconstrue.

    Has it not occurred to you that you have been her greatest boosters? If all you Bush League liars had not been screaming about her apostate liberal plots we would have forgotten her years ago, but you have given her sixteen years of free publicity.

    Further, since we now know the right wing screamers lied about everything else, we are inclined to think that you lied about her as well. If she gets past Obama she will have you to thank.

  • beich
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    all people who dislikes, mistrusts and fears a Hillary presidency certainly IS recommended! Hillary Clinton is an wide-unfold socialist. She has little extra beneficial than contempt for the US and the yank human beings--a minimum of people who stay between long island and la. If a countrywide disaster have been to place her interior the White domicile, we'd lose extra of our rights and liberties to the all-powerful important federal potential shape which she could desire peering and creeping into each element of our lives. The left became into worried approximately those supposedly listening in to telephone conversations? How some socialized healthcare equipment which tells the yank human beings what they are able to eat, how lots exercising is needed on a daily basis, how lots alcohol they're allowed--marijuana could, of direction, be completely appropriate--on an identical time as cigarette smoking could serve to throw the smoker out of the equipment. He could be authorised to discover his very own insurance, being categorised a member of the "undesirable team of people who won't conform". evidently the value could be interior the part of two-3 thousand money each month. And on an identical time as he became into no longer insured via huge Brother, charge for the equipment could nonetheless be bumped off via his business enterprise in accordance to federal regulation. that is in easy terms a short bit on Hillary-care. There are not sufficient days ultimate in this positioned as much as disclose the frightening schedule of a Hillary term in place of work.

  • Draco
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Did you ever stop to think that this scenario, was a fateful direction ? This country has been going down the tubes slowly for the past 15 years and people were unaware or simply didn't care. Perhaps our "time" as the greatest and strongest country on earth, has come to its end, just like all other powerful nations since the dawn of time.

    You missed one issue that totally disgusts me. How Bill Clinton can roam this country, promoting his wife, after his immoral and scandalous deception to the public about his little "non-sex" encounter.....................the infamous denial that it was "sex". I would think he would want to hide his face for the rest of his life, but no. And the public "forgives" this?

    We will get what we deserve.

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  • 1 decade ago

    8. She claims her economic plans with Bill during the 90's contributed to America's great success when their presidency was just enormously lucky -- the looming economic boom finally let out after the end of the cold war and the beginning of all the immense technological industrial advances.

    Source(s): where did you get the rest of your facts? i'm curious
  • DISLIKE is a little mild as to how I feel about this cow. I also do NOT trust her. She will push us into socialized medicine & NOT A SINGLE AMERICAN will have "HEALTH CARE" of ANY kind. Not to mention what she will do to our military & this nation's security, etc. etc. etc. Her husband had 8 years & he painted a bull's eye on our butts, she will finish us off. There are way too many countries in the world who do NOT respect their own women & treat them no better than some people treat their pets. She will NOT be given respect by these countries & what countries are not already laughing at the "Stupid Americans" for putting "Slick Willie" in office, will sure as H*LL be laughing if she gets in there.

    She & Obama BOTH scare the HELL!!!! Out of me.

    I find it amusing how Democrats have taken Clinton "FACTS" & convinced themselves that they are all lies & turned them into Bush jokes.

    The Clinton circus was in the White House for 8 years & they have NOTHING to show for it EXCEPT!!!!!!! Disgracing this country & forcing us into war because they didn't have the b*alls to stand up to terrorism when they KNEW the threats were there & they KNEW they were real & they KNEW who they were from. Personally I wouldn't walk across the street to spit on Slick Willie or Hillarious if they were on fire, but I WOULD throw some gas on the fire to be sure it was done right!!!!!

    Quite sometime back, I asked someone to tell my ONE SINGLE thing Slick Willie did for this country while he was in office & I did NOT get a single answer to my question. Instead I got Democrats bi*ching & whining about what people were saying about them. THAT in itself told me EVERYTHING I need to know about Democrats!!! They ONLY see what they want & they wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up & bit them on the face! They do NOT educate themselves on the issues & where the canidates stand, they blindly believe ANYONE who has a "D" by their name

    because they are not smart enough to vote for the "BEST" person, they are ONLY smart enough to get to "D" in the alphabet. Which tells me that there is a reason the Democrat's macot is the "Donkey" or as I like to say, "The Dumb*ss"

    By the way....THANK YOU Mike for your service. My family & I are forever grateful to you & the other service men & women for keeping us all safe. GOD BLESS!

    Source(s): Registered Independent!!!!!! I ONLY vote for the "BEST" person for the job. I do NOT care if it is male or female & I sure as h*ll do NOT care what color they are or if they are Republican, Democrat or Independent. Because those things do NOT mean JACK!!!
  • 1 decade ago

    Boy- YOU really take Her personally- don't you?! I have more of a "Life..." And what I've observed about Her as opposed to other Politicians I've seen- is that she's the BEST the current race has to offer... So, times being what they ARE- I intend to vote for her if she wins the Nomination... (I admire your Argumentative Style- however... Have You given any thought about running for Parliament..?)

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't what is more amusing- your rantings or your belief that real discussions occur on YouTube (an internet version of The National Inquirer).

  • suesue
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    whats the question? do i dislike Hillary Clinton? obviously you think i should so how is that a question........

    actually i kind of like Hillary Clinton..... so i guess my answer is no

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    But she'll have the electorial votes to win the Presidency, no matter how much you twist the facts up.

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