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How does wax cover up swirl marks?

I've heard this many times, but does it really work?

I use meguairs nxt wax on my car and i can see the swirl marks still.

*also, how much would it cost for me to take my car to get de-swirled profesionally

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    This really depends on how bad the swirl marks are. If they are very light, a good paint cleaner/polish/wax job will likely remove them. However if they are deeper, you will likely need a good buffer to remove them.

    One trick is to run your fingernail along the swirl marks. If your nail catches on the scratch, you'll likely need a buffer.

    I'm not a big fan of the NXT line. Try Meguiars professional line, 3M, Duragloss or another. They are all pretty good off the shelf products.

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    if it's black , dark blue , or deep red about 75 bucks .

    Lighter colors you cant see it any way.

    well worth it

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    *crosses arms* what are you doing? >:T

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