New to video games. Recommendations?

The only video game I've really played is Donkey Kong Country. Super Nintendo. I want an upgrade. Any favorites I should try out?

Preferably: no army games, sports games, or poor graphics. Not Lord of the Rings. I don't hate the series, but wouldn't like to play the video game on it (had to mention). I want to play individually, so Call of Duty is out. Not a PC game. I'm open to any video game holder thing device. Like Xbox. Or Nintendo. Wii. ...Am I making sense? haha

Oh, and I was looking at Final Fantasy, and noticed there's a lot of games. Would I need to play ALL of them? Is it one of those "if you don't get the beginning, the whole thing won't make any sense" type games?

I am sixteen with a lot of time on my hands; like fantasy things; don't want gun or sport oriented games; don't want nothing TOO outrageously creepy but not second grade fluffy; and I like the animation in Final Fantasy.

Recommendations, please? POR FAVOR.


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    ok ive been playing video games since i was 4 and the regular nes came out. ive seen a lot of crap and seen a lot of good so listen up! final fantasy is awesome. the whole series. 7 has a great storyline but kinda crappy graphics and thats for ps1. final fantasy 12 for ps2 is one of the best of the series. great graphics, intriguing story, great battle system. i wouldnt recommend wasting time on a 360 because it would just crash on you. if you want a new system get a ps3 because the graphics are insane. the games are pretty good too, but mostly shooter type.

    dont waste your money on the wii. since you said you want to play individually this system is definitely not for you. its great for multiplayer but not much more than that.

    if you want to try out some good racing games, id suggest the need for speed underground games on ps2. they let you customize your car just about however you want.

    if you want to play a rpg game where you collect things and build up your character, id suggest monster hunter for the ps2, any final fantasy game, or oblivion on ps3.

    if you want to find out about the whole guitar hero craze, which i personally love the game, then get guitar hero on the ps2 and check it out. it simulates you playing a real guitar to notes coming down the screen. if you wanna check it out go to and look for videos on it.

    if you want strategy games like puzzles and stuff like that then you can get brain age 1 or 2 for the ds. also a game just came out for the ds called professor layton and the curious village. i bought it about 3 days ago and beat it and it was great. pokemon diamond/pearl are also the best pokemon games of the series.

    is this too much to read? lol sorry...

    if you have any questions or would like to know more then feel free to email me and ask away!

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    I would strongly recommend getting a Wii if you can find one. It's gonna have pretty much everything you may be interested in. It comes with Wii Sports, a game great for people new to games or those who haven't played for a very long time and are coming back. If you want a really long lasting game, Get Zelda Twilight Princess, you would not regret it. And if you still like playing super nintendo games, you can download those as well as games for many other older systems to the wii for you to play. They even have Donkey Kong Country for download if you want it.

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    Well if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360 I would definitely suggest Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion(best game ever made in my opinion). But if you don't have either then try the other elder scrolls games like Morrowind for Xbox(never played it myself but I've heard its really good.) Elder Scrolls games are perfect if you like fantasy. Final Fantasy games are great too, and like the other person said, you don't have to play them in order since the stories, places, and people are completly different in each game except X and X-2.


    wow 2 answers while I was typing up mine.....

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    Final Fantasy is just a series of different video games. Similar playing styles...and characters, in a way. They typically have like the childish, the mature, and...the one with big boobs? xD I can't remember the 3rd one. Sorry if the third statement offended you in any way.

    The only one you'd really need to play first is like Final Fantasy X, then Final Fantasy X-2.

    I recommend FFX. There's one scene that's insanely fluffy...but, I don't want to spoil it. It has a pretty good story, though. Gameplay is insanely fun, if you ask me.

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    If you like Skyrim another good series to try out would be Fallout, they're kind of old so they're cheap and they're made by the same company. My favorite all time game series and I am a die hard elder scrolls fan. You can go wrong with pretty much anything by Bethesda. Another series to check out would be Borderlands. If I were you though, I'd switch to the 360 :p

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    I recommend Final Fantasy VII and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The graphics in FFVII are outdated, but it's arguably the best game of the series. And Oblivion is another really good game, and the visuals are awesome.

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    Final Fantasy is a different story for each major number but X and X-2 would need to be played in sequence.

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    Checka los games de Kingdom Hearts. Those are pretty cool.

    Buena Suerte!

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    the simpsons and spongebob games kick *** lol and im being serious

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