Does payment in music act like that in sports? Can I lose my college eligiblitiy from it?

I was recently asked to fill in for a sax position in my private teacher's band. I am only in highschool, and the members of the band are all 50+ years old. They also have a very good reputation, so are often paid for their gigs. When my teacher confronted me about this, I wondered if being paid for playing would come back to hurt me later, like in college. Can a person lose college elligibility from playing music?

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    1 decade ago
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    No, you can't lose college eligibility for playing a professional gig. I do it and I am in college, and it doesn't affect me at all. There may be some stupid clause in NCAA sports law that says you can't do something like that, but I have no idea, and it would only apply to college sports, nothing else. A lot of college musicians teach private lessons or do performance gigs to make an income and it has no affect at all. We have a small studio (about 7 saxophonists) at my school; 3 teach private lessons, and 3 are pro gigging players.

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