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Why do so many teen on hear have a lot of expensive designer things, or shop at HolCo, A&E, Areo, Aber. etc?

I mean I can under stand if they put a lot of work into getting it and buy it themselves, but there are a lot of kids who just get it for being alive. They make fun of people who don't shop where they do, and they won't even step into a store with stuff way cheaper but equally nice, such as Ross for Less, Walmart, or K-Mart, or even Target. Why do so many kids get such expensive items without doing anything to earn them . I get a lot of nice stuff too, but we're not made of money, we're actually in a bit of financial trouble right now due to 40% cut of my fathers pay check (he used to make like 100k, now its way down). Recently I've been shopping at Goodwill, earning money for my clothing or making it myself, and shopping clearance. I used to be really spoiled but not really anymore, but my mom still spoils me a bit because I have A's and B's/Cs, in all my classes except P.e. What are your opinions of spoiled kids with designer stuff who buy all those expensive brands?


and they put down others who don't shop those places or can't afford it. I've gotten " in a way " kicked out of American Eagle because I had a bag of Hot Topic stuff and I wanted to change into my new stuff. The girl working their kind of gave me a look that said "get your butt out of here or I'll call security" lol! Anyone else notice how those stores act like people are gonna steal something?

Update 2:

Whoopsies, here not hear. I wasn't paying attention to my grammar lol.

Update 3:

Yes I know not all of them are spoiled, but a lot of them kind of act like it.

Update 4:

Yea, but when I mean who have the expensive stuff, I mean they go and pay the full price for it, or buy it straight from the designer. Same with HolCo, A&E, Areo, Aber. etc.I love the cheap places they rock, I have a nice 60 dollar jacket for 20$ at Ross, and a nice dress for 5 bucks that was originally like 50+ dollars.

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    I will be the first to admit, I do shop at all four. However, I shop at Aeropostale the most because they have the best deals and their polos fit amazingly-not to mention they usually have a deal on them and they make one in black and they aren't all about the logo. I can find a lot of stuff for work there. For the rest of the stores I mainly shop the clearances. I love the quality of an Abercrombie polo, with the velvet taping.

    And I make every penny that I spend on clothes. When my mom paid for clothes, I was all about finding a good deal and so it was the most pieces that I could get from the clearance racks at the local JcPenney's. (Now I find that a lot of their junior's stuff is way out of my style aesthetic) Now I still am looking for a good deal, because I don't make a ton of money. But I happen to like some of the styles at those stores. It's not about just wearing it to wear it, maybe I like the design on a given shirt. I find that due to my body shape, many of the styles at Hollister, A&F, AE, et. al. do not work-the skirts and shorts are way too short and an empire waist does not work for my curves.

    My big thing is sunglasses. However, I never pay full price-rather I go to Nordie's Rack where I can get designer sunglasses for $60-$70. Yes it is a lot but I do not lose them and they never fall apart. Most of the time, I either buy them with my own money, or I ask for a pair for my birthday or Christmas. I also got my Joe's Jeans from there-for $80. Is it a lot? You betcha. But they gave me confidence and made me look better than ever.

    However, I disagree with parents just spoiling kids with all the full-price stuff from there, because then when they don't have Mommy and Daddy buying the stuff for them, what will they do?

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  • Here's a secret.. My daughters and I go into consignment shops all the time for the thrill of the hunt and find the same names you're talking about for next to nothing... My youngest got an Abercrombie shirt, a really nice angora Gap hoodie (with tags attached) about 3 pairs of Aero jeans, and a licensed Vuitton bag all for $54. $20 out of her own allowance. My kids shop at Ross and Target. Now they aren't fond of Walmart, they go to the consignment shops way before Walmart, but they have some cute stuff from Walmart too... We make decent money. My husband has his Master's in Teaching and is working on his doctorate. I'm an RN in the OR... But my kids are learning that I worked for what I have and they have to work for theirs too. I am not working to give them everything. They have to learn to make the money stretch. I have taught them the beauty of a great sale..

    The best deal we have gotten so far - a $110 Talbots skirt, fully lined for $5, brand new condition and a gorgeous pink silk Bandolino cami and tank for $1. My daughter has this $150 outfit that looks brand new and we spent $6. I am not lying. You don't know what other kids do or what their parents do that they don't talk about. We have expensive brands, but our secret is that at the end of our shopping day, we have money left for coffee at Starbucks and for a movie!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Petty high school **** that carries over even into adulthood. I'm twenty and though I can afford designer clothing, I personally like to save money and look cute by buying less expensive yet still equally fashionable clothing. Just because you don't have Abercrombie and Fitch's ugly logo and badly designed clothing clinging to you doesn't mean that you're not fashionable or stylish. Believe me, you can still look gorgeous and save a ton of money.

    I think people who are spoiled tend to expect to have everything handed to them and expect special treatment. I know not all pampered people are this way, but a great deal of them are. It's like some people get their self-worth from how much money they have or how valuable their house/wardrobe/vehicle/etc. is, but that's not where a person should derive their self-worth. As easily as someone accumulates wealth, it can be gone in the blink of an eye, especially in today's society. Self-worth comes from realizing who you are as a person and accepting and loving yourself regardless.

    This turned into a rant, lol. Sorry! Just my two cents is all.

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  • Anonymous
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    I get your point but in some ways its good to shop at designer places. At cheap shops, most of their items are made by poor, sick and desperate children who live in countries such as China. They only get paid about 10 cent a day. At designers, their clothes are made by professional and educated adults who specialize in clothes, this makes it better quality and is far better than encouraging child labor to make cheap and bad quality clothes. My parents are happy that i buy more expensive clothes which i actually save up for, instead of getting hauls of crap.

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  • 1 decade ago

    because they're spoiled kids, like you said

    at my school, all of the "popular" (coughcough) ALL wear hollister, american eagle, etc.

    now, i wear some american eagle and abercrombie and fitch stuff, but i don't wear it all the time

    i don't have that much clothes either (we're a uniform school, funfunfun)

    i don't like the clothes at wal-mart but places like TJ Max and Target are pretty good

    I think that those kids who buy designer stuff without earning it AND put down other people are just shallow, spoiled, immature brats

    but one of my friends has designer stuff, but she's super nice about it - and she shops in target and other places like that too

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  • Anonymous
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    I think some are kinda self-absorbed. at my school its all about designers practically if you don't wear it then its like ignore you. i personally think some of the designer clothes are kinda trashy even though its not my taste i just hate how they make clothes now. i like areo and aber i only have like a jacket and a few shirts from their. i mean why waste so much money on designer clothes when you will grow out of them soon.

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  • emjay
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    because they are obsessed with their image and feel they need to impress their peers. It will probably always be like that. I hated school for that reason. Bunch of fake people that all start looking alike and dressing the same. boring

    I always thought it was dumb for some kid to be embarrased by being seen in a store like Walmart or Target...if someone sees you there, they were there too!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    .i shop at all those places because i like them and thats just

    my style and i like it so i dont due it to fit in

    .and i dont put people down who cant afford it a lot of my freinds cant and i would never put them or anyone down about it

    .to me its not about what ppl look like character is what makes a person not what they wear

    but i do believe clothes can show personality so thats why i love them

    .and i do earn my clothes because i get decent grades and my parents can trust me to not be caught up in alot of things teenagers get into and they reward me for that

    .but i have seen others dress certain ways for self image and which is wrong and goin into hollister abercrombie and stuff i have noticed them stare down acertain people because of how they look that is sooo wrong so i understand where your coming from

    .so ya thats basically all i wanted to say

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  • Yuki
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    you should've complained to the AE store manager. that's discrimination.

    i'm 13. i get about $60 every year for chinese new year money. sometimes, i help kids with their homework, and sometimes i draw. and they pay me for it. right now, i have about $430. i ALWAYS look for deals, and haven't ONCE let myself buy something completely useless. my parents don't like the idea of going shopping. so i have to work hard in school (i always get straight A's.), just so they would let me go. i don't even dare to ask them for money. because hey, they're raising me, and putting a roof over my head. why be ungrateful and ask for money to buy unnecessary things?

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  • 1 decade ago

    not all kids who shop at those stores make fun of kids that do shop there. my mom makes less than 20k a year. [well, at least last year, idk 'bout this year.] and i shop at those stores. [on the clearance, but still]. i will step into a ross, wal-mart, k-mart, or target. and not all of those kids that shop there are spoiled. that's just a stupid stereotype that people started.

    ps; what's a&e? it's either ae, or a&f.

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