PS3 Rainbow Six Vegas 2?

I am very new to shooters I'm 39 years old I own COD4 it's fantastic. All I used to play was Madden or NBA Live,now I'm looking for the next shooter. This is the game I'm most looking forward to of all of the recent ones coming out. I didn't get the first one. COD4 is very basic fun, is RSV2 gonna be hard, complicated, nothing like COD4 at all? I have no clue. Just looks fun. Will my transition be easy or hard not having any Tom Clancy experience. I am thining of buying RSV2 on amazon collectors edition for $10 more I can care less ablout the keychain but a ton of strategy vids, interviews about the game etc. Seems to be a little buzz about the game, not as much as I would have thought. Should I sell my COD4 is everyone gonna bail to RSV2? Wonder if a Demo is gonna be released.? Thx for any help... Sean.

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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is going to require ALOT more skill than COD4 because it's a tactical shooter and you have to think before making your next move or else your as good as dead, COD4 is your typical "run-n-gun" and kill everything that moves. The action on Vegas 2 is alot more slow-paced, so it may be a huge transition. I would sell COD4...many peole are going to at least try Vegas 2, but there will be no demo, it's too late.

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    I think you'll be alright. I mean it will take a little time getting used to it since you use more tactics and it isn't as fast paced as CoD 4, but you'll get used to it if you stick with it. Since it has online co op you could try that to learn strategies from other players. It is definitely going to be a good game with full character customization. Good luck.

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    Try Resistance - Fall of man. Nice FPS. PS3 exclusive, so it has great graphivs and massive (up to 40 players) multiplayer.

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