Why don't beer companies list their ingredients like foods have too?

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    Alcoholic beverages are not considered foods by the Federal government, so they are not governed by laws of the FDA or FTC.

    Beer, and all other alcoholic beverages, are policed by the TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau) arm of the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms).

    They do not currently have to list ingredients, but some Legislation is currently on the docket which, if passed, would require brewers to list ingredients, as well as alcohol content by volume, on all packages.

    This is a huge cost to small brewers, who are often just getting by as it is, but many agree it is a good idea in a sense, to inform consumers. What consumers really need to know is the inclusion of any kind of preservatives or adjunct material which makes the beer lighter and duller. In such cases, it is only the large macro-brewers (BudMillerCoors, etc) who would be affected, as craft brewers and smaller traditional breweries refuse to use any kind of preservatives (like Formaldehyde, used by big brewers) in their beer, and only the big brewers dumb their beer down with cheaper, lower quality ingredients.

    It's a big debate, but there's the skinny...

    Also, FYI, beer is over 90% water. The other ingredients are malt (usually barley, but somtimes also wheat or rye), hops, and yeast. Certain beer styles demand other ingredients as spices and fruits, but most beer is just 4 ingredients.


    Source(s): 10+ yrs in the beer business... Drink Better Beer!
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    because ingredients usually consist of barley (or some kind of grain), yeast and water. with alcoohol, it's not about the ingredients, it's about the process... :)

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    1 decade ago

    other than water...yeast...grain..and hops...what would you like them to list?

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