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lee's tae kwon do gurnee illinois??

i was wondering if this place is any good. here is the link to the website. please post if you go there/ have been there before and whether or not you liked it. was it very strict? too strict? too much discepline?


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    I've never been there, but it looks pretty good to me. They have lots of classes so you can go multiple times per week.

    It says that he is a member in good standing with the WTF (World TKD Federation), which is the primary governing body that is recognized by the Korean government and the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

    I agree that you should do the two week trial course before you sign up. I'm sure there will be a 1 year contract involved. So make sure you are really committed. Also, I would anticipate that there would be more children than adults overall.

    Good luck.


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    I've never heard of thm. Go to the class and check it out for yourself. Take the free 2 weeks class. You be the judge. My opinion if I had one would just be my opinion.

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    Honestly, I haven't been there, so it's better you do not ask me this question, thanks you.

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