Daisy POWERLINE Model 008 CO2 Powered BB pistol?

Is the Daisy POWERLINE Model 008 CO2 Powered BB pistol a good gun. I like to target practice, should I get the Daisy 008 Pistol or an airsoft gun?

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    1 decade ago
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    Daisy is a great brand of guns so yeah that would be a great gun

  • 4 years ago

    Yes, a magazine problem is a feeding problem. You need a new magazine, as Hi-points are usually too cheap to repair. On the upside, I understand Hi-Point has a good warranty policy. How is the magazine defective? It could be a number of ways: 1) The feed lips are not at the right angle. The feed lips are where the top cartridge sits in the magazine waiting to be fed into the chamber. The angle at which that cartridge is held is CRITICAL. If it's too high, the cartridge will miss the feed ramp and load ******** into the chamber. If it's too low, the angle at which it bounces up the feed ramp to chamber will be too shallow and may catch on the bottom of the feed ramp or again, bounce upwards at too sharp an angle and feed ********. 2) The magazine spring is malfunctioning/inconsistent. While this is unlikely, in order to KEEP the cartridge on the feed lips correctly, there must be enough tension by the magazine spring to have a constant upward pressure, even through the slide cycle, which pushes down on the top cartridge before getting behind it to strip off the next one. A weak mag spring will cause a misfeed. 3) The magazine follower is defective/out of tolerance. It doesn't matter how good your mag spring is if your follower doesn't move freely in the magazine. This could be caused by something as simple as a little bit of flashing from the molding on the side of the follower itself rubbing against the inside of the magazine, or an out-of-spec part that was manufactured improperly. No way to know unless you know what you're looking for and then look for it. 4) The magazine body itself is defective/out of tolerance. Again, the magazine body/follower relationship is pretty critical, right up there next to the geometry of the feed lips. If the two don't work freely, it's either the follower or the interior of the magazine. The number of reasons why the interior of the magazine may not be correct is something to write a critical machining tolerances paper about, not to be answered here in Yahoo Answers. Based upon just what you have here, I'll add the following information: 1) Most autoloading pistol malfunctions that are NOT operator-induced are caused by the magazine. 2) Because of this, most autoloader malfunction DRILLS focus around changing the magazine. 3) Ergo, you should have at least three magazines that are KNOWN to be functional for any defensive pistol...that is, a pistol you're planning on betting your life on. So, not only should you replace the malfunctioning magazine through Hi Point, you should get at least two more functioning magazines (AND TEST THEM), becuase magazines can be damaged at ANY TIME, regardless of price or manufacturer, and when you're in a gunfight, fighting for your life, is NOT the time to find out a critical piece of your gun has suddenly quit working and you have no replacement. Remember this and live.

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