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What does Cisco Clean Access Agent do?

The university I attend requires those with computers who want internet access to install Cisco Clean Access Agent. What exactly does Clean Access Agent do? I know that it prevents you from going on the internet if you don't have the right virus software, but is there anything else? Track internet activity perhaps?

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    Clean Access is a Cisco product which helps ensure that devices connecting to our campus network are safe and secure. It also places these devices in the correct network based upon their parameters.

    Means it basically checks to see if your computer is safe enough to go on the internet with minimal risk of getting the network you are on infected with a virus.

    The validation solution will “intercept” any Internet browser access and redirect the user to a web page that instructs the user to download and install the validation client known as “Clean Access Agent”. Once launched, the client downloads the validation rules and processes these.

    It does not monitor internet activity. Although your school probably does. My college intercepts torrent packets, to avoid illegal activities on campus. My school also has clean access agent.

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    Cisco Clean Access Agent

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    I have no problems with my copy of build 6933, have you downloaded a pre-beta? However I did have to hack the resources to make Cisco Clean Access Agent think I was running Vista, however there is a better way. 1. Uninstall Cisco Clean Access Agent. 2. Right click the installer and select Properties. 3. Select Vista RTM as the compatibility mode, under the Compatibility tab. 4. Run the installation as an administrator. 5. Run the application (as Vista RTM too). It's easy! P.S. Windows 7 is not legally beta, it's pre-beta!

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    That's a good question!

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