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WOW, 100 point penalty for the 99?

That according to the latest update at What are your thoughts on it? Too much or is NASCAR being consistent with enforcing COT penalties?


Also, if Carl makes the chase they are taking away the 10 bonus points for the Vegas win. His crew chief, Bob Osborne, was suspended for 6 races, fined $100,000 and put on probation for the rest of the year.

Update 2:

Maybe Jimmie can give them some of those Kobalt tools in case the DeWalt wrenches just didn't tighten those bolts good enough? Wouldn't THAT be a cool Kobalt commercial, Jimmie wrenching on Carl's car LOL

Update 3:

It's probably more than I would have penalized them but that's been the norm for tampering with anything on or in this new car.

Update 4:

To Snake, mattywin and all the other Ford fans, I empathize. I have been upset about penalties before and thought they were unfair. They will appeal but I doubt this one will get reversed.

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  • beth
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    I expected 100 points when I finally figured out what they were talking about. I don't think it is harsh at all considering he won a race using that illegal modification.

    With Jr's wing, R. Gordons nose and Gordon and Johnsons fender mods they were fined 100 points, 100k and 6 weeks yet the mods never were on the track. Edwards won the race with his illegality. Edwards is lucky it wasn't 200 points.

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    NASCAR is indeed being fair in the penalties. Last year they set the precedent for COT penalties with the 100 point deduction, $100K fine, and 6-week crew chief suspension formula with even the minor and unintentional "tweakings" of the COT. I think the additional 10 bonus point deduction was meant to be that little extra slap on the wrist (let's face it - that's all these penalties amount to) because this was the most blatant attempt to skirt the rules yet.

    Last year the Hendrick boys (Knaus & Letarte) were indeed playing in a "gray" area within the rule book. They found an area not specifically addressed within the COT rulebook, they exploited it, and they got hit hard for it. Dale Jr.'s crew inadvertently (well, maybe - I dunno, I wasn't there) used an unapproved set of rear wing mounting brackets last year and was hit with the same penalties, keeping all penalties the same up until now.

    Cousin Carl's missing lid was by no means an accident or exploiting a "gray" area. This is a rule very clearly spelled out in the rule book. These lids don't just vibrate loose or especially fall completely OFF without some kind of help. I was glad to see the additional bonus points taken away, but I personally really think that if NASCAR wants to be taken seriously when it says "Don't screw with our car, period!" then it needed to set a NEW precedent and suspend the driver for one race also. This is the only way you are going to get the attention of these teams. I was glad to see that they didn't strip the win away from Edwards, however. I think that would have been going a bit too far.

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    I would argue that it's not even stiff enough. Making an illegal adjustment that would add 10% downforce to the car, when downforce is something that the engineers and other team members are always chasing, is very serious.

    I think his official finish should be listed as 43rd with no laps led. I mean... it's an easy concept, don't cheat. Taking the oil lid off is not a mistake or freak accident, that is a blatant attempt at improving your car.

    NASCAR needs to take this very seriously before it gets even more out of hand than it already is.

  • I think that was too much maybe 25-50- Points! It was an oil lid off how in the heck is that gonna help ya win the race if anything wouldn't it hurt ya because your oil would be coming out! I am soooooo PEED right now! It is BULL CRAP! That is the same penalty they gave Michael Waltrip for his fuel infraction last year I think that is too harsh and they should appeal it! At least he is going to have a good guy on his pit Robbie Reiser will take over for the 6 weeks that is the only good thing that has came out of all this!

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    That was what I thought it would be, Nascar is just not going to put up with any tweaking of any kind when it comes to the COT.. I had asked my Uncle who is a Nascar official, he said I bet its gonna be a big one, quess he was right.(he doesn't work with the penalty bunch) He's a pit road official. I guess they mean business now boys..100 pts didn't hurt Jimmie Johnson last yr, and I'm sure its probably not gonna hurt Carl to much. Most people I spoke with at the track expected 25-50 pts.. Bet everyone leaves them oil tank lids alone now...Yikes

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    I just wish they'd start stripping wins. That would be one way to stop the nonsense. But I know they will never do it. I think the 100 point fine is not enough. The crew chief penalty, right on the nose.

  • Ed P
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    1 decade ago

    It is a stiffer penalty than I thought it would be For Carl--But I expected the Crew Chief Penalty that was right on the Norm!!!!!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Way to much, were is Nascar going with this? If they continue with these large fines and point deductions, they will eventually be losing owners and teams. There is allot of teams struggling already without having to worry about all these fines. What happened to the good old days of stock car racing when there wasn't all these rules. I remember when getting into stock car racing was easy. Now you have be a millionaire so you can hire a bunch of so called specialist to make sure you are meeting all the rules.

  • Tina
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    1 decade ago

    That is consistent with Jimmie Johnson and Dale Jr last year.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If it would had been Gordon or Johnson, would the same fans be saying penalty was too harsh? I think penalty was too harsh though.

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