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Eating human feces?

I used to babysit for my friend. Well, everytime I babysat, her eldest daughter (about 5) used to eat her own feces regularly.

She has since stopped, but I never told the mum in case she thought I was a bad friend. Anyway, it was about 2 or 3 years ago now...But I'm worried her daughter will die. Please help!

These are the facts:

It was her own poo, and it was regular

She was only young

She never got ill from it

She stopped now

It was 2-3 years ago.


Of course I stopped her everytime she did it! But by the time I did, she'd eaten half of the stuff anyway. But yes, I did stop her. I didn't tell the mother because I was just shocked and didn't ever know what to say.

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    If it was 2-3 years ago i'm sure she is fine. You should have told the childs mother a long time ago, like when it was happening if you were so concerned she will die. You did nothing to stop it, and didn't say anything.. you are a horrible baby sitter. And i feel sorry for anyone who leaves a child in your care, if you would let a child eat their own poop and not even tell the mother what happened. disgusting. give me a thumbs down, i don't care, just know at the end of the day that you should not even be allowed to watch another's child..

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    I'm sorry but this really made me laugh!! lol... Children can do some of the most silliest things! My mother told me I frequently ate cat food as a child.

    I think you should have told her mother when she was doing it, because she could have gotten sick, and you still should tell her. I doubt if she would die from eating feces though lol....

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    You know what? You are real stupid. Why would you let a child eat feces. You are nasty. I would not tell my friend if I was you because if I was her I would flip out on you foreal! How you let your friend baby eat crap.

    Bottom line is that you do not need to babysit or have kids at all!!!!!!!

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    wtf? this is a retarded question. If she stopped and its been 3 years and she is still breathing never got sick then why now all of a sudden would she get sick from it? Y would your friend think u were a bad friend for telling her her daughter is eating her own poo? But to answer your question no she will not die. And to add to your question your retarded.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Telling your friend now does not do any good. she has not die since she stopped doing it so she is fine and she will live a long healthy happy life. No worries.

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    Well, if she's not sick now then I don't think it really hurt her. However, you should ask yourself....if it was your child would you expect your friend to tell you? You should tell her, even if nothing is wrong with the child now.

  • Beans
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    Poo is just excess protein and other small amounts crap (haha) i seriously doubt your body makes poison and adds it in to it just so people/ animals dont eat it...

  • Anonymous
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    Eating human feces? YUCK DISGUSTING how anyone can eat their own turds is totally beyond me

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    well if it was that long ago and she's not sick why would you be worried she'll die now? that doesn't really make any sense lmao.

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  • 1 decade ago

    apparently she didn't die, why did you let her eat her own poo?

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