My husband had a vasectomy about a year ago.Can I still get pregnant?

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I'm a week late .Not cheated on my husband .He did 1 sample and it was neg.
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  • Plugh answered 6 years ago
You are likely having a false pregnancy.

He can get checked again. I get mine checked every five years.

The likelihood that the vasectomy failed is pretty slim. It largely depends on the surgery type, and the short cuts taken by the surgeon. If he had a "traditional vasectomy" then the chances of it failing are less than .5%. If he had one of the newer types then the chances are about 5% or so.
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  • SunLover answered 6 years ago
    My brother in law had one and then a few years later his wife bacame pregnant again to their shock. It can happen
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  • jmizzle answered 6 years ago
    Unlikely, but can definately happen. A week late can also signify stress, or any number of natural occurences. I think at week two, I would take a test. Blessings...
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  • jammer answered 6 years ago
    Although we would like to think that a vasectomy is a 100% safe thing, its really not....I have heard of many woman gettin pregnant by their husbands whom have had vasectomies, its not entirely uncommon!!
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