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Historical Fiction Books?

I'm 15 and love to read, especially historical fiction books, but I have basically read all of the good books in the teen section of my liberary. Any good book suggestions? I'm up for almost anything.


Also, I especially love books about London in 1666.

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    The latest historical novel out is the "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Philippa Gregory. The Pillars of the Earth , Atonement. A great place to search is the barnes and noble website -- You click the tab browse books, then browse literature and then historical fiction.

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    If you like reading about London during the time of Charles II - which includes the great fire in London in 1666, you may really enjoy Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor. It was a really good story that has a lot of detail about the times, the court in the time of King Charles II, the London plague of 1665-66 and the great fire, among other things.

    You may also enjoy some books by Georgette Heyer, who wrote a lot of historical fiction in different eras. For instance Royal Escape is one that details Charles II and his escape from Cromwell's forces.

    You may also enjoy something like The Loves of Charles II: The Stuart Saga by Jean Plaidy (or others of hers) or Royal Harlot: A Novel of the Countess Castlemaine and King Charles II by Susan Holloway Scott or some works by Anya Seton or Philippa Gregory.

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    It might be a bit difficult for you, they're certainly intended for adult readers, but an excellnt series set in the time and place you mentioned is The Baroque Trilogy by Neal Stephenson. The three volumes are "Quicksilver", "The Confusion" and "The System of The World". The London fire of 1666 is a key event in the first volume.

    (By "adult" above, I don't mean anything like explicit content so much as the vocabulary and style of prose.)

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    Try these:

    The Constant Princess

    The Other Boleyn Girl

    The Boleyn Inheritance

    The Queen's Fool

    The Virgin's Lover

    all by Phillippa Gregory

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    Historical fiction? Phillipa Gregory

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    Well, King Arthur books are always a good choice. If you are up to anything, read the Norse Myths because they are fiction and are really good. Origonally it was in the prose edda but has been changed into more story like things. Other mythology, Greek or Ancient Greek. Always good.

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    I stumbled across part of an old trilogy in a used book store about Nell Gwynn, so if you're interested you'll have to go to the library.

    Mistress of the Streets

    Mistress of the Boards

    Mistress of the King

    (by Richard Sumner).

    Grand wit the woman had. Good book; I've read the last one (naturally)

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    Milkweed was one of the best stories I have ever read on the Holocaust, and I believe I did a book report on it in the seventh or eigth grade. It really is a great book - I loved it so much. The main character is a gypsy boy who winds up in the ghetto, and the story follows his life through the Holocaust and after it. God, it is such an amazing book! Please,read it! It is just so amazing, it needs someone to read it.

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    I agree with the first answer. Phillipa Gregory is a fantastic author. I just finished The Other Boleyn Girl and it was great!

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    'Gone With The Wind' by Margaret Mitchell.

    'The Root Cellar' I can't remember the author's name, but both of these books take place during the American Civil War.

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