I got a ticket for running a red light in Canada, live in Washington. I'm ignoring it, will anything happen?

I went to Canada with a friend of mine at the beginning of the year and got a ticket in the mail for being photographed running a red light. I haven't paid, and really don't intend on paying. If I go back to visit Canada, will anything happen? Will I get arrested or possible fined higher?

Or will they just not know about it and ignore it.

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    Don't listen to everyone else here... I am a Police Officer in BC, and I'm assuming that you got the ticket in BC as you live in Washington. We do not issue warrants for unpaid tickets in BC. However, the unpaid ticket could go to collections. You could also become a prohibited driver in BC. That means that if you're caught driving, even with a valid Washington State DL, your car could be impounded, and you will get even more fines. My suggestion is to pay the ticket, and to save yourself the hassle in the future.

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    It is possible that when you cross through at White Rock, Abbotsford, or Peace Arch crossing you won't get any further than that as Canada Border Services runs EVERY plate as you approach the immigration officer. You can be charged a higher fee than was originally imposed on the red light ticket.

    You could be listed as a prohibited from driving driver in BC also, more fines, more hassles. PAY IT.


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    No they Won't ignore it You can be picked up on that unpaid ticket

    Or they could issue a bench warrant

    You could be arrested and if you are arrested where you live that ticket will show up as the systems are linked

    All they have to do is run Your Name and it will pop up

    Pay the ticket

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  • 4 years ago

    Are you sure it was a camera or a monitor that is used to lock the light green when a emergency vehicle goes through? They look alike. If its a camera Google to see if that intersection has been mentioned in an article as a hot spot for tickets in your community.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you never intend to pay the ticket, I would advise you against going back to Canada, for any reason.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you plan on returning to Canada, pay the ticket.

    If not, don't worry about it. They have bigger fish to fry than to track you down in the U.S. and make you pay a ticket for a minor traffic violation.

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    Canadas law is you pay before you even cross back over. Surprised they let you go. Sure you got your countries right

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    They may put a warrant out for failure to appear and or failure to pay, then if you try to do certain things even maybe go to another country you may be detained for awhile even if they don't extradite you, which i am sure they won't for a fta and ftp

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    1 decade ago


    You need to pay the ticket

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