Venezuela and Colombia war?

What started this whole dispute? what's the story?, what's the current status? and if they do go into war how will it be? are they gonna battle on the border or does this include harming civilians? like throwing bombs to the country or something like that? and list your opinions ! thanks =D

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    Venezuela's economy is collapsing. Chavez promised the poor people that if only they would make him dictator, he would "help" them. Using socialist principles, he promised to take money from the rich and give it to the poor. This sounded good to the "the poor." But alas, as with every socialist/communist dictatorship, the "rich" don't really like having everything taken from them. So they stop being rich or move away. This, as any student of history and economics can tell you, is what always happens when a dictator promises to "help the poor" this way.

    The Venezuelan economy was already showing signs of collapse, with very high inflation (money is becoming worthless) and corruption and misspending even the lavish oil income the nation gets from selling its nationalized oil.

    A dictator will not just sit around and let the nation and the economy collapse around him. If that happened, it would be obvious to everyone, even the poor people who voted him to be dictator, how badly he messed up the country. And they would want to remove him as leader. One thing dictators often do when things are going badly is they start a war. That way, when things go bad, he can blame "the war."

    Now, a war is very handy. So when in a few years, Venezuela continues to be in poverty, there will be an "excuse" for the poverty. It was that "darn war!" Chavez will tell people "if only" there wasn't that darn war, everything would be great.

    That way, when people ask "you promised to give us things, you promised to help the poor, to take money from the rich and give it to the poor, etc etc (which everyone knows can never work) he will be able to tell his ignorant followers "if only we didn't have that war... just make me dictator a little longer, when the war is over, then we'll be able to give you things, etc etc."

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