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I am going to be moving to USA soon from Uk , what is an MLS team that our good to support living in Florida?

for MlS fans alone?

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    There is no MLS team in Florida, since the Miami Fusion and Tampa Bay Mutiny got the bum rush. Your nearest MLS franchises are FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo.

    Having said all that, RSL Florida, the exclusive youth development partner of Real Salt Lake, is one of the largest youth athletic organizations in the Tampa Bay community. Established in 1997 as Tampa Knights Futbol Club, RSL Florida furnishes "a rewarding team sport experience for over 1,000 area youths" annually. Real Salt Lake coach John Ellinger is the technical director for the club, while University of Tampa men’s coaches Adrian Bush and Maurice Loregnard and women’s coach Bobby Johnston oversee the boy’s and girl’s teams. For more information, visit

    Speaking of University of Tampa, it might be worth checking the NCAA football scene. There is a lot of quality soccer being played at the collegiate level, very exciting, competitive and well supported.

    The New York Red Bulls also have an annual training camp in Bradenton, Florida. So, too, the Colorado Rapids - - and Chicago Fire.

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    MLS had two clubs in Florida (Tampa Bay and Miami), but they both failed due to low attendance and lousy stadium deals. I know MLS is looking at returning to Miami but they won't do anything until a new soccer-specific stadium is built. Unfortunately, Miami's first priority is building a new baseball stadium for the Florida Marlins so I don't think it will get done.

    It seems the English have a love-hate relationship with Beckham. Either you think he's one of the greatest English players ever, or he's rubbish and over-the-hill. If you belong to the first camp, cheer for the LA Galaxy.

    If you don't like Becks, root for their biggest rival... The San Jose Earthquakes. It's their first year after the original club moved to Houston (to become the Houston Dynamo) two seasons ago. I know Chivas USA has taken away some of the luster of the southern-and-northern California derby, but who doesn't like the ultimate underdog. Plus SJ Earthquake fans don't like LA's second best player, Landon Donovan, for orchestrating a departure from SJ. hahaha

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    There isnt any teams in Florida anymore. The best MLS team is the Houston Dynamo but a pro team nearst to u is probably Kansas City Wizards so u r pretty screwed there. MLS games come on Thursday nights on ESPN 2. If u really love the game (duh u r british) u need to buy the dish network channels like FSC (fox soccer channel) and i think Sentanta or somthing like that 2 watch a lot of games.

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    Blimey mate forget America and move to Canada. They have got a team in Toronto called Toronto F.C. Yes mate Toronto football club not Toronto soccer team. It's not like back home but there are a lot of Brits in Toronto so the atmosphere ain't that bad. A little bit better than listening to a load of septic tanks singing go team go, go team go.

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    Dude, brother....... there is no good MLS team to support... if you really want, i would go for the Kansas City Wizards or the Dallas team..... La Galaxy is ok, because they have Becks and Koby, and Donovan also....

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    There are no MLS teams in Florida.

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    Houston Dynamo

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    none.they are all about the same standard as an average uk league one side.The good news is, all the big british clubs get good coverage out there anyway,and most have their own supporters clubs so you dont have to adopt any rubbish us teams,take your team with you.

    ps have a nice life out there...

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    League 1!?! Holy Moses! It's widely known we are at Championship level and are a damn good feeder league. We don't have to be #1.

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    mierda idiota pelotudo tarado mal nacido

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