Open heart surgery (mitral valve repair) - recovery?

It's 2 monts now, I'm feeling better, doctors say everything goes wonderful. Baisicly I'm feeling well now. But I still have a hard heart-beat, a little bit of tahycardia (71-75 while asleep and 80-90 while awake) and sometimes when I walk up the street or climb stairs I experience shortness of breating. Is this comon? Will these simptoms pass? If anyone experienced anything like that, please share. Thanx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I did not have valve repair, but did have an infected MV, and a strained MV.

    It could be you need a nice gradual rehab program that minimally strains the heart as it strengthens it. You could be overdoing it, so you stay in oxygen debt.

    I think the key to my rehabs, was that I used a monitor, and when the heart rate started to go up with no increase in speed or incline, that meant fatigue was setting in even though I could not feel it. I then did my 5-10 minute cooldown routine, primarily walking slower and slower.

    I started these at only 1.5 mph, and went up 0.2 - 0.3 mph every three minutes if my heart rate stayed within 3-5 beats with the increase and I did not breathe any harder. It took awhile to get so I could go 20 minutes. But everything improved slowly. I later had an emergency triple bypass, but also developed excellent full collaterization of my heart from decades of exercise and, I think, my careful rehabs (4) in prior years.

    Always take 10 minutes of slow warm-up prior to exercise. It helps oxygenate the heart, and makes exercise much easier.

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