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Who is better? Yahoo's Kevin Iole or ESPN's Dan Rafael?

Who do you guys think has the better boxing knowledge and who is the better writer?

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    Man. . .this IS a tough one. Both are great, great guys (I've met both of them several times) and both have FORGOTTEN more boxing facts than I've ever learned. . . .but if I really have to be pinned down on my favorite. . . .

    Two years ago. . .I'd have said Kevin. His humor, paired with a keen eye for details within the boxing scene, add up to one outdamnstanding writer. I read his columns and articles for years. . . and thought his writing was unparallelled. . .until. . . .

    Dan Rafael came along. While I don't get as much pure ENJOYMENT out of Dan's writing. . . .I know I'm going to get the real story about how a fight went down, as well as some rather accurate future-telling on who a fighter will probably be paired up with in the future. Oftentimes I will read Dan's take of a fight as it is published, round by round, on ESPN dot com. . . . while I watch the fight LIVE. He makes clear-cut sense, he's not out to tell a story (most of the time) and he knows his stuff.

    So there. . . if I want a unique spin on boxing writing, I go with Kevin. If I want "just the facts, ma'am". . . .Dan is the man.

    Great, great question!

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    I prefer Dan Rafael because he solely covers boxing while Kevin Lole has been covering MMA more recently. Rafael is always reporting on what has/is happening in the boxing world, while Lole usually writes feature stories for big fights. I think he probably has more boxing knowledge as well, but his favoritism is evident sometimes by the way he writes, meaning that you can tell who he wants to win, such as with Acelino Freitas or Sam Peter (I am not knocking on him and I think he is good at what he does, I am only stating my opinion).

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    I would have to go with Kevin Iole on this one. I do enjoy both but I find Iole more enjoyable. Chatting with Rafael on his chat wraps is fun but Iole just answered one of my questions in his MailBag this week, so that alone gives him an edge.

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    I gotta say Dan because he ranks the top ten in every division every week

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