nasal polyps and singing...?

Hey,something's been puzzling me lately.I always have the feeling that something's blocking my airwaves when singing(something in the back of my nose) and pushing against my sinuses. My polyps have been surgically removed twice in my life,once when I was 5 and another time when I was 13.The doctors said they won't ever grow back but I have a hunch they're here again...I've also been choaking a lot on my food lately,like I have no control over my breathing when I swallow...any ideas?

Does anyone thing this could affect singing as well?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it could it might sound like you have a cold and i think you should see your doctor about this the affect could be serious or not on your singing

    plus if there is pressure you may have something wrong with you nose

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    3 years ago


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