Whats the recommended hours of sleep for a 17 year-old? an 18 year-old?

And finally what was the average for you when you were 17? 18?

no sweat if you cant remember

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    9 hours not 8 is the newest recommendation for teens, but they will go to bed later and rise later. Recommended no later than midnight rise by 9 am. But life for them does not always permit that or work that way..but that is what is recommended for their body. School systems should adjust for their ciradian rhythm but they don't so adjust...to bed 11 wake 8am etc. Teens are notorious for NOT following guidelines...but parents as much as possible should try and promote this sleep pattern.

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    Recommended, 8 hours

    When I was 17-18 I didn't have an average, but like 4 to 16 is what I would get, it depended on what my body wanted. I can't sleep if I am not sleepy and I don't wake up if I am sleepy. Have a nice day.

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    Suggested Amount Of Sleep

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    8 hours

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    "NEW" reasearch shows a 15-21 yr old should get 8-10 hrs.sleep ( done by uk, german, chinese studies, 2005-2008 jan.)

    going to bed at 10pm till 6am is the bodyies natrual cycle for sleep

    when i was 17 i got like 15, i was hella lazy

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    Between six and eight hours, depending on the health condition. With nutritious food and normal health, for a person of your age seven hours would do.

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    regardless of the age, recommended hours to sleep is 8hours. (well,not included for the newly born babies/infants as they sleep more than the usual).

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    6~7 hours.But best recommended is 8 hours.Hope I could help ;)

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