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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

English Composition

Topic:The things you like most about living in HK

Recently there have been a lot of letters to the editor complaining about Hong Kong. Write a letter to the editor talking about the things you like most about living in Hong Kong.(200words)

Please tell me how to write it= ="

And the format is the most important thing.

Thank you very much.

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    Actually I don't think the situation given (i.e. many people complain about HK) is real, but if that's the case, and you would like to respond with a letter to the editor, you may write as follows:

    1) Intro.

    I refer to the recent complaints to the editor about the poor living environment of Hong Kong.

    2) Agree in part ...

    It is true that living in a small and busy city like Hong Kong is not perfect. e.g.

    noise and air pollution

    crowded living environment

    price index higher & higher (inflation)

    3) However, ...

    when we compare HK with other big, international cities and rural areas in many other parts of the Third World, we have to admit that we are in a paradise already.

    4) reasons to support, e.g.

    -- basically no serious natural disasters (like earthquake, tsunami, cyclone or blizzard)

    -- good social order, low crime rate (compared with big cities in US and mainland China)

    -- good social security system (rarely find people die of hunger)

    -- low unemployment rate; good opportunities to make money

    -- lots of entertainment, exciting night life (rarely find so many shopping centres, restaurants, karaoke lounges etc. in other cities)

    5) Conclusion:

    HK people used to think that living overseas was better and safer (esp. b4 97). However, more and more people have come back, saying that HK is a much better choice. Admittedly, HK is far from perfection, but I guess this homeland is good enough for me to choose as my permanent living place. Let's work hard together to make it a better home.

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