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他有黑而小的眼睛 大大的耳朵和看起向黃金般的毛,他非常的可愛和聰明。







他有黑而小的眼睛 大大的耳朵和看起向黃金般的毛,他非常的可愛和聰明。



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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have a pet, its name is "L" . He is a golden retriever .

    It(He) has black small eyes, and a big ear.

    Its(His) body is covered with golden fur.

    It(He) is very cute and smart.

    It(He) often plays with me.

    It(He) is just like one of a memeber in our family.

    It(He)is usually nice. But when he see strangers coming, it'll (he'll) bark at him and try to scare him away before they hurt us.

    If you don't mess with him on purpose, it(he) will be harmless to you

    and will lick your hands, it means that he likes you.

    "L" is just like a friend of mine, a thing that is very important to


    因為是個動物 所以要用It 但如果你跟他非常非常要好的話 及時是可以用He



    如果對這些翻譯還有問題 可以在問題補充那裡問我


    2008-03-06 20:36:04 補充:

    If you don't mess with him on purpose, it will be harmless to you and will lick your hands, it means that he likes you. He likes to play fetching.

    2008-03-06 20:36:30 補充:

    Every time when I am ready to throw the ball out, he will be very excited.

    As I throw the ball, he will go fetch the ball as fast as he can. He can play over twenty times and won't be tired.


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  • 1 decade ago

    I have a pet, his name is "L", he is the gold hunting dog. He has

    black and the young eye big ear and looks to the gold wool, his

    unusual lovable and intelligent. He frequently plays with me in at the

    same place, he is my family member is same on the picture. Although

    his individuality is very temperate, but, so long as has the stranger

    to approach us, he can continuously call continuously to call, to try

    to run away in fear the stranger. But in is ordinary, he is very

    clever. So long as you do not annoy him to be angry, He can

    continuously lick your hand, symbolizes him to your friendliness. He

    most liked playing the baseball, when I took up the ball to have lost

    toward outside, he always extremely excited jumps up jumps, when the

    ball one flew toward outside, he could pursue immediately toward the

    ball direction, then picked him, he was allowed to play 20 all not to

    be able to be tired. This is my pet, L, he to me said is a good friend

    is same on the picture, is essential.

    應該是這樣 希望可以幫到你的忙

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