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請問 到哪裡 可以找到 一篇"情人節"的英文文章?


要註明出處 或者網址喔~




與"情人節"有關的就好 什麼英文文章都可喔

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    Title (標題) Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts 最後一分鐘的情人節禮物 Uh Oh! You Forgot Valentine's Day 喔歐 你忘了情人節

    by Amy Brantley

    Calm down, it's going to be okay.your partner understands that you've

    beenworking hard. They also understand that you've had a lot on your mind. But, let's face it. You forgot that today was Valentine's Day. What are you going to do? It wouldn't be right to show up empty handed.

    Thankfully, there are some last minute Valentine's Day gifts that will

    make a big impression. 冷靜點 一切都會順利的 你的另一半會了解你一直都忙於工作 他們也了解你最近你很多事要煩 但...還是得承認吧 你的確是忘了今天是情人節 你該怎麼辦呢 總不能兩手空空 什麼都不準備吧 幸好 還是有些補救的方法 也可以讓他她驚喜一下喔

    Many of these last minute Valentine's Day gifts will give the impression that you spent weeks picking them out, rather than minutes. 其實有很多及時準備的禮物會比你花了幾個禮拜 去選的來的效果更好Take gourmet chocolates, for example.就拿美食專家推薦巧克力來舉例吧 Gourmet chocolates are one of the best last minute Valentine's Day gifts. 美食專家推薦巧克力是情人節禮物最佳選擇之一Instead of rushing to the drugstore to pick up a last minute box of chocolate, visit a local chocolatier. 與其匆匆忙忙去搶購商場裡的巧克力 還不如詢問身旁懂巧克力的專家 (巧克力愛好者) The chocolatier will help you turn that last minute Valentine's Day gift into something truly special. 他們會幫你將及時匆忙所準備禮物變的更特別You'll be able to customize this last minute Valentine's Day gift to include all the flavors your partner loves. 你也可挑選另一半最愛的口味喔 But, what if they don't care for chocolates? 但 如果他們並不是巧克力的喜好者 又有什麼其它選擇嗎

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