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蕃茄 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago











3.找到喜歡的東西.不能表現的很喜歡 要ㄧ副考慮又勉強的樣子

4.跟朋友一起去 ㄧ人跟老闆殺價(老闆再考慮時).其他人在旁說要去別家買.比較便宜.當你們要走時.老闆就會降價了



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    1.During junior middle school, face of me begin oil very that change , buy skin care products is it wipe to come , find what face of me change already very much terrible until going to the high school, so I begin to buy the skin care products to wipe, it is very important thing to wipe the skin care products in every day's life

    2.Is it contact network management , after class the previous term to begin after entering university, it is interested in network management to begin , so begin to have goals , develop towards network management, hope to be admitted to network management certificates, working in the society will be very helpful afterwards to me like this


    I like puppies very much, so my home has raised a dog, because dog's dog can accompany family , and can make the family more lively

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    I dislike cockroaches very much, because very dirty and sick, whenever see that cockroaches crawls out, I will be far away from him

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    5.1 . Go to the opposite side first or spread out next door. That which you want to buy that going ¨çFamily. Tell boss and only sell on the opposite side? ? ? Yuan. Is the boss willing to drop to next door? ? ? Yuan. The previous summary is all street peddlers of the same type

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    2 . Have opened in the evening and finished ago. It is very easy to beat the price down. Especially the boss is before being busy with putting up the shutter. ¨çSay only to his silk gauze.

    3 . Find the thing liked. The ones that can't behave like very much Want ¨çPair of consideration

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    4 . Go with friend ¨çPeople beat the price down with the boss (a boss considers again). Other people say in other that will not go to the home to buy. Cheaper. When you will go. The boss will make a reduction

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    Have that day having a class , will get up on time every morning, do not come late on class on time , will listen to the music to have a look at the film first after class to finish,

    2008-03-05 17:38:40 補充: finish, can is it read one hour to set aside too , is it will is it go to bed to begin one o'clock to reach soon almost, I do not like having miscellaneous sounds , because my very difficult person who fall asleep very much while sleeping again.

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