how can i join the indian army?

hi i m pravesh 19 year old boy from gwalior m.p. am doing 1st year m wanna join the indian army but i dont know how plz give me suggestion plz

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi buddy

    You can sure get into the Army:

    As you have already joined a course it good you cam apply for the Officer cadre.

    Things you got to do once you are in the second or third year you can write the CDSE exam (Combined Defense Service Exam)

    if you clear this then you will be called for a SSB interview (service Selection Board) this interview will test your aptitude and leadership skills and also your personality it has some very basic physical tests that any one can pass.Its your command over English language leadership qualities and team effort and character that rank the most (this is same for army navy and air force.)

    There are many other options too

    Try this very good link for more info on army

  • Maya R
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    1 decade ago

    I assume you have to locate the nearest Indian Army Recruitment centre near you or something similar.

    But if you are just in your first year Biology shouldn't you wait till you have finished your course? It would be better to have a degree first before considering the army.

    You have a choice then of doing other things if the army is not to your liking.

  • 4 years ago

    if i could say that i pick to do some thing for my u . s ., then it will be a unethical answer, because i trust that if one needs to do some thing for one's u . s . , you may do in its personal way. i respect and respect my u . s . and that i pick my u . s . to be happy with me, i pick to stay the fearless and prestigious existence of military personnels and decide to have some thing functional out of my existence, that is why i pick to hitch indian military.

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