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Does customs scan passport on the border? Does service Canada come to know about somebody who cross the border

does the customs scan the passport on the border and does service Canada come to know if somebody cross the border? also do they (service Canada) come to know if somebody is studying full time in States and coming back after 2 weeks to Canada. Please reply

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    Yes, they DEFINITELY check on who has gone through the border. I don't know if they "scan" passports, but every person who crosses the border is recorded. A report is sent to Revenue Canada and Service Canada. This is done for a few reasons...but one of the big ones is for potential Employment Insurance fraud. (not only do you have to pay back the money when you were in the USA that EI paid you plus interest, but you need more hours to qualify for EI next time)

    I'm not sure of your exact question regarding studying in the USA and coming back after 2 weeks....did you get funded to go to school and now are backing out of it? That is tracked by your SIN because going to school is a tax credit and the schools have to report it for their side of it all. Also, the coming and going across the border is recorded and a report sent.

    Also, you never know when another person will report you anonymously to Service Canada as defrauding the system. I personally know 30 people who were on EI and went to a wedding in Mexico....not only did the border part catch them; so did an "anonymous tip" that came from someone else that was at the wedding and was very unhappy their tax dollars were going to people who did not qualify.

    Either way....the risk is very great to be caught commiting ANY kind of fraud.

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    All you do when they ask the citizenship is say, "I'm Canadian, and she/he is American". Hand them your passports. I'm not sure what they do with them in the booth, but they'll look at them. Depending on what day you go, they might open your trunk and look around. If you are traveling with a cooler they'll probably open it to make sure you don't have any meat or fruit. The whole time your talking to the customs agent should only take a minute or two. They don't do a complete background check on every person, but if something comes up on their computer then they might pull you over into secondary, where you would just talk with another customs agent a little longer. Good luck! :)

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    Yes, Service Canada will know if you cross the border. Records are kept and reported of everyone who crosses the border in each direction.

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