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At the scale we selected for our solar system model (sun actual diameter 1,393,000 km sun scale diameter 50 cm), how far away would the next nearest star (Proxima Centauri) be? What major city would represent this approximate distance?

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    Your scale is 2.786 x 10^9 : 1.

    P. Centauri is about 4.22 light years distant, so scaled down, it would be 4.22/2.79 x 10^-9 light years, or 1.51 x 10^-9 light years.

    Since 1 light year is about equal to 9.46 x 10^15 meters, this distance is about:

    1.51 * 9.46 = 14.3 x 10^6 m, or 14,300 km. This is a bit larger than the diameter of the Earth.

    It's also about the distance from Des Moines, Iowa to Sydney, Australia.

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    It's just a math problem. If the sun were 50 cm in diameter, the nearest star would be 9,000 miles away. The nearest city would be, I don't know, somewhere in Europe and the nearest star the size of a basketball?

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    4220cm away??

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