The trail of John Peter Zenger strengthened freedom of the press in the English colonies?

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    See if this is the answer you are looking for. BTW, it is trial not trail.

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    Zenger became editor & writer of the hot-York Weekly mag. He became accused of seditious libel for some comments on the royal Governor. He became defended by Andrew Hamilton of Philadelphia. The jury fostered freedom of the clicking by their acquittal. besides the fact that, in terms of the present day regulation, Zenger became unquetionably accountable, and the jury's verdict became an occasion of jurry nullification (vote casting to acquit as as gesture of disapproval of the regulation). jointly as legal experts, historians, and jopurnalists all compliment the acquittal, virtually all are additionally extremely silent on jury nullification, as they do no longer want cutting-area juries to %. up on the assumption, and better than did the Royal Governor of Zenger's day. there have been 3 important episodes of attempting to shrink press freedom because Zenger--the Alien & Sedition Acts below John Adams, the Palmer raids purple scare submit worldwide war I, and a few supplies interior the PATRIOT Act.

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    in the long run or in the short term?

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