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Yankee fans ....can one of you give me a reasonable answer as to why the Yankee's will win the world series

I mean they really didn't do anything in the offseason expect, didn't extend Torre's contract and spent like 200 million plus on players they had last year and finished second in their division and got 1 year older. What logical reason is there to believe they will win the world series with a first year manager and the hopes of a young pitching staff coming together (and yes I understand the offense will be there, but it will also be there for the Tigers, Red Sox, Angels and Indians).

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    Simple, there is no team in baseball that has more talent than the Yankees. Some teams may match the Yankees level of talent, but no team exceeds them. The core of the Yankees remain intact and relatively still in their prime, while the youngsters have had some experience from last year. Did you forget that Torre won his first World Series in his first year with the Yankees? If the Yankees play to their potential and remain fairly healthy, no team has a better chance, and they are the favorites. If, like last season, and seasons before that, where they are not healthy and do not play to their potential, then they will still make the playoffs and give themselves a chance.

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    Most teams fans will say their team is going to World Series. Take the Tiger fans, they are talking about World Series too & their pitching isn't great as they may think or their bullpen. I say Yankees have a good shot because they have a mixture of young talent & some veteran players & the reason I say Boston doesn't win, not because I like the Yankees, it's because I don't care how good your team is, it's hard to win back to back titles. When was last time a team won back to back titles & what team was it? Indians & Angels have shot at World Series as well & I look forwarf to another good baseball season.

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    properly the actuality of the problem is we are up 2-0 over the Twins and one extra win in long island and that's it! Twins are His-tor-y as quickly as back! i'm going to take yet another Yankee worldwide sequence championship over Bobby Cox's very final season, over Ron G's one holiday to the worldwide sequence or something, using fact the terrific group wins the worldwide sequence, and real now, it rather is nevertheless the Yankees, except a collection de-thrones them, and that i do no longer see that occuring.

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    Let's see:

    Johnny Damon

    Derek Jeter

    Bobby Abreu

    Alex Rodriguez

    Hideki Matsui

    Robinson Cano

    Jorge Posada

    Jason Giambi

    Melkey Cabrera


    C.M. Wang (most underrated P in league)

    Andy Pettite (Very Clutch)

    Phil Hughes (Better than any Red Sox Prospect)

    Joba Chamberlain (WILL win ROY)


    Mo Rivera (Best closer in history)

    What's not to like.

    Tigers will get hurt, win about 85 games.

    Indians don't have enough firepower + no experience

    Red Sox will have off year

    Yanks win WS.

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    there are no reasonable answers to that, the only reason Yankee fans think their team will win, is their arrogant belief that they deserve it somehow

    youre right, the only move that team made, was to dump the manager that made them, there will be tons more pressure on the players, the new manager may very well over use his young arms and seal the Yankees fate for a long time to come, their making the playoffs last year was all Joe Torre, he somehow pulled them together for the second half and got them into the playoffs, Girardis lone success as a manager can be more attributed to the fact he was in a no-stress market where he had the latitude to experiment cause there were no expectations, he wont have that now, hell tank, theyll tank

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    Coming from someone who places the Yankees as his 30th favourite team.

    Basically, their pitching staff is like Goldilocks.

    She has starters that are too old (Mussina, Pettitte), starters that are too young (Hughes, Kennedy) and a starter that is just right (Wang)

    Now, IF

    Wang continues to win despite the obvious that he is simply good, not great and

    IF Pettitte has a whole year that resembled his 2007 second half and

    IF Kennedy and Hughes can stay in the rotation not because they don't want to eat crow, but because they are good and

    IF Mussina is not the pitcher in 2007, but some mysterious pitcher that has a starting job in 08 and

    IF Chamberlain is so good, people couldn't care less if Rivera continues to break down, thennnnn

    They have a shot.

    Their offense will handle the rest.

    However, if even two of those points above on the pitching staff fail, they may not make the playoffs.

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    Good question that got me thinking

    Well okay as a Fan why not think your team can win a ws if there pitching with Wang, Pettitte , Mussina, Hughes and Kennedy if they can play to their potential and stay healthy they look like a good staff

    the Lineup- the best no doubt just has to stay healthy and keep up the work

    Bullpen- Chamberlain , Rivera, Farnsworth[lets hope he does good] and Hawkins they just to do what they do and get inning and close the game

    Did you know that Torre won his first year with he Yankees , Girardi can do the dame

    The other teams i don't care the Yankees are the team that can dominate they can healthy and playing to their potential

    Loved the question got me thinking

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    Great lineup, potentially dominant pitching staff, and the greatest closer of all time.

    There ya go.

    Source(s): Yankees fan
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    Because they are the New York Freakin' Yankees. That's all you need to know.

    Source(s): Never sleep on the City That Never Sleeps.
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    they dont have a chance, they may have a decent offensive lineup, but the red sox are way too deep

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