how much does solar energy cost in America?

and can i get a source would be great if i could get how much it costs from years 1994-2008! thank you!!



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    i don't know how much the panels themselves cost, but in my area (and i'm sure in other parts of the country it costs more or less) it would cost about 10,000 dollars for me to have a company come and do all the work. i called them and got an estimate, and for them to come out and install the panels and everything else you need that's what it would cost.

    i was trying to convert the whole house to solar power, not just heat.

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    If you are looking for just heat a flat panel unit will pay for itself in the first year. But most people want the costly electric panels.

    Most of them today cost upward of 10 dollars a watt, with expectation this could drop below 2 dollars a watt within 5 years.

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    Your question makes no sense, its like, how much does a red car cost ? Most panels are $5-$6 a watt. Here is a link to pro's that do this every day.

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    Build Solar Power Easily -

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    Sunlight is free.

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