Colombia, Venezula, and Ecuador?

Can you inform me about whats going on?

What did Colombia do to those countries?

What action was taken because of it?

And give me more info.

The artical didn't help.

I didn't understand it.

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    Colombia had located Raúl Reyes, # 2 in the FARC after Marulanda in a camp in Santa Ana, Sucumbíos Province in ecuadorian territorry.

    Colombia's army had traspassed the frontier line many times before, but this past weekend they bombed a FARC camp when they were sleeping.

    Ecuador responded demanding apologies for the military action in ecuadorian territory because Colombia knew of the operation weeks ago and didn't communicate the ecuadorian army of the prescence of Reyes there.

    Ecuador alleged that Colombia violated its sovereingty and Colombia alleges that it was an action taken in legitime defence (legítima defensa in spanish) to destroy the FARC.

    Colombia supposedly found a laptop that contained information of meetings with members of ecuadorian and venezuelan governments and now Colombia says that Venezuela finances FARC and Ecuador gives refuge to them.

    The OAS said that Colombia violated articles 61, 62 and 63 of the charter of the OAS and created a commission to investigate.

    Now Ecuador is demanding that Colombia commits to never doing those type of actions again.

    Chavez is in this because he wants to discredit Alvaro Uribe.

    Chavez wanted to make political profit from the liberation of hostages and Uribe has a more militaristic approach backed by the USA.

    Here are some links of news in english that can help you:

    Source(s): Studying a masters in Foreign Affairs in Ecuador
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    Colombia went after a base where farc (colombian rebels) guerillas had a safe house. Or so they thought... Chavez (Pres. of Venezuela) has been long thought to be aiding the rebels, his fellow leftists, and the colombians claim to have found info in the raid that proves he was giving them millions. The Ecuadorians are upset because they didn't give permission to the colombians to carry out a raid inside ecuadorian territory, the venezuelans (well chavez at least) is mad because the farc are his leftist brothers and probably because colombia truly can prove he's been giving a guerilla group aid and comfort.

    But with chavez, there's a lot of bluster which may not mean much. 2 weeks ago he threatened to cut of oil shipments to the US, then quietly backed down.

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