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Anonymous asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

I got a NBA, NFL as well NHL question. Dont forget its an easy 10pts for an best answer.?

Except the Patriots, which team in the NFL won back to back superbowl champions let me know who were they, and what season they did it. Except Detroit Pistons which team in the NBA won back to back NBA champions let me know who were they. In NHL same question which team won back to back Stanley Cup gold, just let me know what year was it.

In NBA, as well NHL what was the longest winning streak of all time, not for this season, i am talking about all time. As it says in top, best answer get 10 pts. Easy right, i want my answer by March13-08. Answer it on time. Bye

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Packers - 67/68 SuperBowl 1 and 2

    Dolphins - 73/74 SuperBowl 7 and 8

    Steelers - 75/76 SuperBowl 9 and 10

    Steelers - 79/80 SuperBowl 13 and 14

    49ers - 89/90 Superbowl 23 and 24

    Cowboys - 93/94 Superbowl 27 and 28

    Broncos - 98/99 Superbowl 32 and 33

    Pats - 04/05 Superbowl 38 and 39


    You figure this one out. The link is down below. Its the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls and others.


    This has been a bit longer than the NFL. Only 100+ years. The link is down below.

    Good luck!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    NFL: Dolphins 73-74; Steelers 75-76, 79-80; 49ers 89-90; Cowboys 93-94; Broncos 98-99.

    NBA: Lakers 49-50, 52-54; Celtics 59-66, 68-69; Lakers 87-88; Bulls 91-93, 96-89; Rockets 95-95; Lakers 2000-02.

    NHL: Montreal 30-31; Red Wings 36-37; Toronto 47-49; Red Wings 54-55; Montreal 56-60; Toronto 62-64, Montreal 65-66, 68-69; Flyers 74-75, Montreal 76-79; Islanders 80-83; Oilers 84-85, 87-88; Penguins 91-92; Red Wings 97-98;

    NBA winning streak:33 by the lakers in 71-72

    NHL winning Streak:17 by the Penguins in 1993

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Back to back championships: Minneapolis Lakers 1949 and 1950 Boston Celtics 1968 and 1969 L.A. Lakers 1987 and 1988 Houston Rockets 1994 and 1995 Threepeats: Minneapolis Lakers 1952-1954 Chicago Bulls 1991-1993 and 1997-1998 L.A. Lakers 2000-2002 Since the NBA started no one has touched the Boston Celtic's record of 8 championships in a row from 1959-1966. That was the NBA's best dynasty ever.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    nfl 1967 packers and 1968 packers, 1973 dolphins and 1974 dolphins, 1975 Steelers and 1976 Steelers, 1979 Steelers and 1980 Steelers,1989 49ers and 1990 49ers,1993 Cowboy and 1994 Cowboy,2004 patriots,2005 patriots nba 1948-49 Minneapolis Lakers and 1949-50 minneapolis lakers, 1951-52 minneapolis lakers and 1952-53minneapolis lakers and 1953-54 minneapolis lakers,1958-59 Boston Celtics,1959-60 Boston Celtics,1960-61 Boston 1962-63, 1963-64 Boston Celtics,1964-65,Boston Celtics,1965-66Boston Celtics,1967-68 Boston Celtics,1968-69 Boston Celtics,1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers,1987-88Los Angeles Lakers,1988-89 Detroit Pistons,1989-90 Detroit Pistons,1990-91 Chicago Bulls,1991-92 Chicago Bulls,1992-93 Chicago Bulls,1993-94 Houston Rockets,1994-95 Houston Rockets,1995-96 Chicago Bulls,1996-97 Chicago Bulls,1997-98 Chicago Bulls,1999-00 Los Angeles Lakers,2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers,2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers nhl 1930 ontreal Canadiens,1931 ontreal Canadiens,1936 Detroit Red Wings,1937Detroit Red Wings,1947 Toronto Maple Leafs,1948 Toronto Maple Leafs,1949 Toronto Maple Leafs,1954 Detroit Red Wings,1955 Detroit Red Wings,1956 Montreal Canadiens,1957 Montreal Canadiens,1958 Montreal Canadiens,1959 Montreal Canadiens,1960 Montreal Canadiens,1962 Toronto Maple Leafs,1963 Toronto Maple Leafs,1964 Toronto Maple Leafs,1965 Montreal Canadiens, 1966 Montreal Canadiens,1968 Montreal Canadiens,1969 Montreal Canadiens,1974 Philadelphia Flyers,1975 Philadelphia Flyers,1976 Montreal Canadiens,1977 Montreal Canadiens,1978 Montreal Canadiens,1979 Montreal Canadiens,1980 New York Islanders,1981 New York Islanders,1982 New York Islanders,1983 New York Islanders,1984 edmonton Oilers,1985 edmonton Oilers,1987 Edmonton Oilers,1988 Edmonton Oilers,1991 Pittsburgh Penguins,1992 Pittsburgh Penguins,1997 Detroit Red Wings,1998 Detroit Red Wings

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    NFL - Denver Broncos won back to back in 1997 and 1998

    NBA - Los Angles Laker 2001 and 2002

    NHL - Detroit in 1997 and 1998

    NBA - 33 game L.A. Lakers. Nov. 1971-Jan. 1972

    NHL - 17 games 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins

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