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if colombia go to war with venezuela and ecuador who would win?

i think colombia would win cause colombia have more weapons and experience. plus got the support of u.s.a. but what do you think.

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    That question is quite debatable, Colombia would backed by the U.S. maybe that is HUGE if, and if that happens then i think that Venezula and Ecuador will back down, or they could try to convince other south american countries that they are being threatened, but the U.S.A doesn't exactly need another war to add to the long list. However the U.S. Empire, as the south american nations call us, would not want agression in south america because in case of WWIII then the war could happen in the US and that would greatly destroy our economy, but like i said it is a BIG IF.

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    Colombia Vs Venezuela War

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    Colombia may or may not win. One reason is because Venezuela has a bunch of oil and the US depends on their oil so the US might join on the Venezuelan-Ecuadorian side. On the other hand, Colombia's military is 2 times stronger than Ecuador's and Venezuela's combined. If another country doesn't interfere, Colombia would win.

    So, if a side were to win, it would be either.

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    Colombia "armed forces number about 250,000 uniformed personnel", they spend over $8 Billion on defense. Ecuador has an army of around 31,000-35,000 people, and they spend less than $1 Billion. Venezuela has an active personel of around 87,500, but most are militia rather than proffesional armed corps, so they really have around 35,000-39,000 active soldiers, and only spend $1.7 Billion on the military. Even with their forces combined, they do NOT even have half of the amount of soldiers that Colombia have, and even less the amount of money spend with military purposes.

    Plus, Colombia's army is one of the most (if not the most) experienced army in the world, they know the border and the terrain like their palm of their hands after having to chase terrorists (FARC) for almost 4 decades, and, last but not least, they are getting money and weapons, technology from the United States. "The United States has provided equipment and financing to the Colombian military and police through the military assistance program, foreign military sales, and the international narcotics control program, all currently united under the auspices of Plan Colombia" the end...

    Colombia vs Venezuela+Ecuador = Colombia wins.

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    first of all I live in Colombia, and let me tell you this: the so called farc are indeed a terrorist organization who bring death and pain to all our people, they kidnapp and murder our people and destroy colombian infraestructure, 40 years we have been in this situation and we have had enough of it, its the first time in our history we have a president like uribe who has the guts to really attack this terrorists, so I as a colombian, belive we are doing the things right, and as unpopular as bush might in the usa right now, its a great ally for colombia and we really appreciate his support. I hope a war doesnt unleash here but chavez is constantly making agresions to our government, specially to our president who I think is the best president colombia has had in all of its history, you have no idea how things were before our president was elected, now we have at least some freedom. farc are just a couple thousand who hide in our jungles, but they dont have any real control over our territory, besides they use ecuador and venezuela as hideouts, so if there is any hope for justice in you, prey for colombia to win in the case of a war, cause chavez is a real menace for the whole world.

    p.s. the uranium thing is real it was in one of the letters from the guerrilla which was found on the raul reyes computer.

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    While Colombia has the better army by far, Venezuela has one large advantage, airpower. History has proven airpower can become a very decisive tool when used effectively. Venezuela currently has Sukhoi 30's(2007-2008) and US F-16's(1983) while not in large numbers, when compared to Colombia's Airforce it is almost certain they would attain air superiority very rapidly even if their pilots are somewhat inexperienced, though when has Colombia's Airforce been involved in air to air combat? As others have already stated, it comes down to how would the US and other nations intervene? Who am I rooting for? Thats easy, COLOMBIA!!!! Have M4, will travel. :D

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    As we all know colombians have been at war for the past 40 years and as sad as it might sound, the civil unrest of my country is something that we have learned to live with. Just like Russia, Israel or the U.S.A. our soldiers know what they're doing and are very good at their job.

    my answer to the question is simple, Colombians would win.

    Venezuela would become Colombia's parking lot and Ecuadorians have never fired a gun, u could invade that country with a bb-gun, an avocato some duck tape and a plastic knife.

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    I think no one wins in war !! The senseless deaths of many young men over a point of honor is ridiculous !! There is nothing to " WIN " here. Venezuela's president is allowing his hatred of the U.S. to cloud his judgment . Ecuador should be angry with Columbia , but war is not the answer . Cooperation to end terrorism is the right answer.

    If war does come the conventional wisdom is that it takes a 4 to 1 advantage to successfully attack a defending army if they are about equally equipped. Venezuela and Ecuador do not have that advantage.

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    I have to say that all these years of watching what war does to the communities involved. I would really hate to see war hit them full scale. Think of all the countries involved. The women are the most beautiful found in the world. They would be reduced to poverty and suffering like 3rd world people. Im Puerto Rican. I have female friends that are Colombian. They are beautiful & intelligent. I would hate to see a generation lost to war.

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    the answer won't be able to be replied from a protection stress attitude without mutually with the politics. My guess is that Venezuela could get its butt kicked, as there are quite some international locations that are transforming into drained of Chavez. And, let's no longer forget who the U. S. has been helping and the protection stress technological income of such. i could be shall we also see an inner civil stance hostile to Chavez, which could stress him to wrestle a conflict on 2 aspects (exterior & inner), as you won't be able to suppress your human beings continually. we've general for years that if the U. S. change into to attack Cuba, Castro could have confronted protection stress defection and civilian backlash.

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