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Why do dogs get yeast infections (black, smelly crud) in their ears. How do they get the infection in the ear

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    The shape of the ear negates adequate air flow. Yeast likes to grow in dark, warm, moist places.

    If you clean the ears with rubbing alcohol weekly, you can stop most yeast infections before they start.

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    Some breeds of dogs are more prone to yeast infections in their ears, like golden retrievers. Frequently food allergies or an otherwise weakened immune system is the culprit for chronic ear infections. It's an imbalance between the yeast and the good bacteria. In a healthy dog, the yeast keeps the bad bacteria in check and the good bacteria keeps the yeast in check. If it's out of whack it's best to look at nutrition in addition to alleviating the dog's symptoms.

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    most dogs that get yeast infections in their ears have longer floppy ears that dont get enough air flow because they hang down. this isnt always the case but it is the majority. yeast grows in the warm moist environment and turns into a raging ear infection before you even realize it. i have had owners that would tie their dogs ears back for a certain amount of time each day to decrease the chance of yeast infections. hope this helps

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    It can be one of two things:

    1.) Ear mites, which are small insects that infect an animals ear and the black gunk you see is their waste.

    2.) Giving your pooch to many treats (or dog food) with red dye in it----red dye is danger to your pet. For some reason the dye is very hard on their system and will give them ear infections. Rule of thumb: Boring beige is the best when it comes to treats and bones.

    Best thing to do is to swab out their ear canal (DO NOT GO IN DEEP!) with a cotton ball soaked in virgin oil and keep clean, if you catch the problem soon enough just keeping the ear clean with swabing it will clear it up in a couple of weeks. If the infection is to bad a trip to the vet will be needed. The vet will flush out the ear and clean and dry the inner ear properly and then give you a cream to put in the ear.

    Be very careful when you bathe your dog so that water does not get down the ear canal (I hold a dry washcloth up against my dogs inner ear and put as little of water by her ears as possible) and tilt my dogs head up and back so the water flows down the back of her head away from her ears. If your dog/cat has black gunk in their ear--DO NOT WAIT!!!! Start either trying to treat it at home or get the animal to the vet. It itches the animal like crazy and they will tear up their ears with their nails trying to relieve the itch and the infection can get so bad that you are talking alot of money to fix the problem.

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    Try wiping it out with a cotton ball with a bit of hydrogen peroxide on it. This will at least clean it a bit. My cat's ears had the same problem, it turned out to be an infection. The vet prescribed some ear cleaning solution and some drops. It cleared up pretty quickly.

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    Yeast infections are common in drop-eared dogs like poodles and cocker spaniels. Many times, it can be related to diet. Too much corn, etc.

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    dogs get this by all the bacteria in the air i reccomend that you you clean the dogs ears every 2 weeks until better than you can go for 5 weeks.

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