Algebra II help Literal Equation solve for K: T=24K/C(n-1)?

Can someone please help me answer this question? Solve for K: T=24K/C(n-1)

I'm stuck ):


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    1 decade ago
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    24K=T{C(n-1)}[multiplying both sides by C(n-1)

    K=T{C(n-1)}/24 [dividing both sides by 24]

  • 4 years ago

    This appears like what i'm doing in Mr. Phillips. Umm, i'm somewhat imprecise on it so far yet use removing with equation one and a couple of to locate the hot equation 2, and cancel despite variable, probably x. now do a similar with a million and 3, then with 2 and a million, then with 2 and 3, then with 3 and a million, then with 3 and a couple of. the 2nd type each time could have a clean equation after each step, till you have x, y, and z. each time the equation is used returned plug interior the main cutting-edge one.

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