What is so terrible about LSD?

I know literally almost everything there is to know about acid. It's one of the safest and most non-toxic substances on planet earth. Anyway, it really could be used for therapy extremely effectively because it opens you up so much emotionally. I'm not saying we should all go out and do acid and get venarial diseases but why can't it be used for therapy? I have actually written a letter to my congressman about it but I know it won't get very far. I really think government controlled LSD could help alot of people. I don't want some bullcrap answer about drugs being bad either because I don't do drugs and am not advocating the use of LSD as it will likely get you a life sentence. But come on...Timothy Leary did a study before LSD was illegal, he gave prisoners LSD and gave them therapy and when they were released, there was a 19 percent increase of people that didn't end back up in jail. That's good proof if you ask me. If you can supply any, I would like a real reason why LSD is so bad.

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    Firstly, doing LSD may make you an 'acidhead' if you prefer to add pathetic and biased labels to everything, but I'm sure that subsequent research into scientific studies and cases of LSD use would indeed make you more informed than the average Joe.

    Addressing personal recreational use: Use of LSD can be a very spiritual and enlightening experience. I have used LSD and I know that it has changed my life for the best. There is so much ignored beauty in the world that I feel that today's society has completely forgotten about. I can't see the harm of some guy using LSD for a good weekend in his own house 4 to 5 times a year. Is this guy a criminal, compared to the people who manufacture it? Look at the news, every now and again things pop up like: 19 year old killed by his drug dealer, 16 year old dies from E overdose. These users arent doing anything wrong, the only thing that they have 'done wrong' is fuel terrorist and criminal organisations that only exist because of the illegality of drugs. Remember the prohibition in the 1920s in America, that's how the Mafia came to power. The Teliban made a SHITLOAD of money selling opium. A $500billion industry, all under our noses, often literally.

    As for the harmful effects of LSD and other such illicit and 'deadly' drugs: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2007/mar/23/con...

    do some bloody research you ignorant swine. Just because the government outlawed LSD in the 60's~70's and weed in the 30's doesn't make it wrong. Don't forget it was these governments who destroyed native cultures and believed that racism was just and correct and 'God's will'. And on the topic of indigenous cultures, who says our society is so much better living then the Aboriginals, or the Native Americans? We live in a world in which Western Society rules all, in which diversity and spirituality is trodden upon as 'ideas of the past', because travelling by car and not hunting for your food and being able to 'entertain your lazy self' in front of the TV as 'recreation' is considered as superior living to the spiritual and deeply cultural societies that are now lost thanks to our stupidity. Alcohol and tobacco are Western Society's cultural drugs, and no amount of prohibition can change that. Drugs such as LSD or marijuana are illegal because they offer contradictory lifestyles to the one that our society enforces, even after SCIENTIFIC research (don't forget that this was the excuse for banning marijuana and LSD, look up some of the ridiculous studies conducted on them when they were outlawed) proves that in fact drugs such as marijuana and LSD are much safer, both to the user, and to society, then alcohol and tobacco. In fact, I recently went to a rave with 300 or so people on drugs, and some guy was almost killed, and another had a bottle smashed over his head. And guess what drugs these guys were on at the time. Good old fashion alcohol, Western society's 'wonder drug'.

    Before I REALLY start ranting, I'll finish by trying to address the question: LSD was made illegal offically because: "a) it caused social problems, much the same as alcohol does, though in fact in the 60's only about 1% of American's tried it; and b) they werent sure of its long term effects at the time."

    In some cases it can cause mental harm, large doses+bad trip+already existing mental problems+not enough knowledge about its effects (yes kiddos it's an INTENSE drug)= a rare case of psychosis.

    Something like 0.4% of people who take it attempt suicide, and 1.something% develop psychosis, though real links between such connections are as of yet unestablished. As for those who take the liberty of killing themselves (whatever happened to our liberty anyway), most likely have underlying issues that should not be mixed with LSD. DO NOT TAKE LSD IF YOU ARE NOT IN A GOOD MOOD, etc etc etc, read up on it if you want to take it and be safe. You can have as much fun using it at home with a buddy as you can at a MASSIVE party, ie. danceclub/rave.

    And compare the above statistics with such as: 40% of deaths between the ages of 19~47 (or somewhere around there) are alcohol related, 40% of violent crime and assualt in the USA are alcohol related, and 40% of prisoners in jail use illicit drugs (in Australia). So obviously, we are working under a flawed system where people sittign in their lounge rooms smoking pot become REAL criminals in prison, and as illegal drugs are illegal and unregulated, they fuel illegal activity.

    Wont' bore you anymore,

    cheers and happy tripping :D

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    Actually it is one of the most amazing discoveries in the last 80 years. The reason that the government will never, I repeat never legalize LSD is because it can be a spiritually, mentally and emotionally enlightening compound. It is one of the same reasons that Marijuana will never be legalized. The government = power & control, they are always afraid of losing both. I used both back in the 70's and 80's and figured out a whole lot about myself and the world in which we live. It was a very enlightening and educational epiphany.

    I do believe that if LSD were legalized, which will not ever happen, it should only be used in tightly controlled clinical situations. I do have a friend that abused LSD and he is permanently damaged. It was more his hardcore Catholic beliefs and the guilt that is always associated with such beliefs that destroyed his mind. The LSD just put him on the fast track to the place he was already headed. He was always having internal conflict between his religion and homosexual lifestyle. Like I said it would have to be tightly controlled and only administered by mental health professionals. BTW it has also been proven to be the only drug that has effectively curbed the uncontontrolable urge to drink in alcoholics. Actually that is the reason that I originally experimented with it and it worked. After my first "trip", I did not crave or consume alcohol for three weeks. There are many medications that are bad for many reasons, I cannot see where pure pharmaceutical LSD is any worse than any other medication on the market today when used correctly.

    Oh BTW, my ex-wife dropped LSD every day minus seven in 1968. She is one of the most centered and down to earth persons that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Too bad we never expereimented together. We were already on a new journey by the time we got together. Friends Forever.

    Source(s): Libertarian Constitutionalist enlightened beyond belief!!!!
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    I think the main thing about LSD is some people should never take it, especially if they are unstable. I remember many years ago that it can cause extreme paranoia. Like you think you will never come back to normalcy while on it. Leary's studies back in the 60's weren't very scientific at all. Oh yea, I do remember when it was legal, so now you know I'm rather old, but have been around the block a few times too.

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    The US military experimented with LSD by giving it to patients without their knowledge or consent. THAT is something bad about LSD! 8^)

    Other than that, some people have 'bad trips' on the stuff. I've never used it, though -many- of my friends have over the years, and have no negative experience to report. But I worked at a 'crisis switchboard' once and we got calls from people having bad experiences. (How bad off could they be? I wondered, since they were able to look up our number and dial the phone!)

    Also, if you want to get LSD today you have to buy it on the black market. There are no controls. You don't know what you're getting, what impurities it might have in it. Legalizing it would allow it to be made in kosher conditions in real drug labs subject to health and safety regulations. But as long as it's illegal, that's another bad thing about it.

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    I will let you know as soon as the man-eating flies stop trying to break through the wall of my house to fight my allies, the giant tree frogs.

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    I do not believe that a hallucinogenic drug would be good for any kind of therapy or anything else for that matter. i know people who took it and have not been the same since.

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    all i know about it is i think if you get caught with it you are charged with "conspiring against the government" dont ask me why but it makes you think.

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    One might enjoy it, and we can't have that, now can we?

    Now excuse me, the white knight is talking backwards,

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    Dropping acid doesn't make you an expert - just an acid head. What are your credentials to justify this claimed "expertise"?

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    ALL drugs are bad!!!! Can you say Hallucination???? Isn't that enough reason?

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