Voice recorder/mic not working on HP DV9000...... help please?

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got the laptop for christmas, had some friends round and realised that when recording ourselves there was no play back sound.... voice recognition works ok, i think its just the ...show more
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You may have a problem with the audio settings, especially the micboost feature.

You can get a detailed instruction here

Please post your reply if it works

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yep that worked fine....

i think the problem was a combo of the mic being turned down, n me being too far away from it, cuz the mics built into the top of the screen

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  • D Whitfield answered 6 years ago
    If your voice recognition works ok, then it is probably the software that you are using to record. You will need to turn the speakers up when playing the music back. You could try using the audio mixing recorder in JetAudio, which you can download for free from www.cowonamerica.com/download
    this will give you record and playback options as well as the option of playing music in the background of your recording.
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