How can i prevent vocal polyps?

Ive had a chronic sinus infection since october and was first concerned because the pain was affecting my singing. I saw an ENT (the third doctor since it happend) in Jan and he said my cords were fine but I had an infection and nasal polyps. He suggested nasal steroids which I turned down due to potential voice change and eye damage. I have been doing nasal irrigation (stopped for maybe a week) and had to start again because the infection came back. I havent been singing since this started but now i have a lot of nasal drainage. I read that prolonged infections can lead to nasal polyps. Does any one know how I can help to protect my voice? Im back on the nasal irrigation and I drink a lot of water each day. The house is full of mold though and pet dander galore...i move in two months. Can i protect my voice till then? How?? Any advice is appreciated. : )

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    Nasal steroids are your best option-voice change is rare, as is eye damage. I've been on them for years due to my allergies and have never had any problem with either. I think that your benefits outweigh your complications in this instance.

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