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What Do you think about G-7 and about the future of Russia?

Will Russia be deleted from g-7?

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    Russia, first of all ISNT in the G-7.

    The G-7 is a community of the world's wealthiest nations - determined in part by their GDP per capita.

    Russia isnt one of them.

    Russia is part of the G-8. And Russia won't be deleted from that because the G-8 was created only to facilitate Russian presence during G-7 meetings.

    What's there to say about the G7? Its like a school playground, where the smartest and toughest people have come together and formed a group. It's not doing the world any favours. They are still primarily concerned with development in their own nations according to their own interests.

    The future of Russia is dubious though. It just depends how long the world is willing to wait before Russia attacks. In saying that, I mean Russia relies primarily on resource exports. Once they are no longer needed or drop in price completely, Russia will have nothing to live off. And people won't be too happy to sacrifice their riches.

    But as long as oil prices are up and Russia has oil - everything is fantastic for them. Its what happens later that matters. And its not an "if" its a "when".

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    what is G-7

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